The Purpose of Pain

Some would argue about the purpose of pain and that back pain is the worst kind of pain possible. It always comes at the most inconvenient times and can drag on for days, months, or even years. But as aggravating and exasperating as it can be, pain has a purpose.

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Pain in your spine isn’t necessarily something that needs ‘fixing’. Surprising as it may be, pain isn’t normally an isolated incident—it’s typically connected to your life circumstances. Fixing the pain and restoring your frame to its former wellness may seem like the best option, but it’s not the only solution. Consider this: Your pain may, in fact, be your body’s way of telling you that your lifestyle or circumstances need a change. By seeking chiropractic help and then returning to your longstanding lifestyle, you’re inviting the pain to return again (often repeatedly).

The Intent of Pain

If you find yourself suffering from spinal aches and pains, consider it an opportunity to do an inventory of your life choices. What needs to be done differently in order to enable you to live the kind of life you REALLY want? In addition to seeking help here at The Healthpraxis, use the pain to your benefit by pinpointing undue sources of stress and doing everything you can to eliminate them. It will definitely pay off in the long run.

Subluxation: Interference of the Spine

Your healthy spine is susceptible to all kinds of interference. One type of interference is called “structural subluxation.” This is usually caused by mechanical or physical stress to your body. Patients with structural subluxation have spinal bones that are stuck within their normal range of movement. The second type of spinal interference is called “facilitated subluxation.” This typically appears as a result of emotional, mental, or chemical stress and also compromises your nervous system, which makes it difficult for your body/mind to ‘reset’ itself.

Your Goals & The Healthpraxis

Don’t despair—if you’re suffering from a spinal subluxation, there are ways to free the pressure and enhance your wellness. The art of which involves the application of gentle forces to your spine which will create adjustments or entrainments that reduce your spinal tension, restore your nerve communication, and can further the healing process.