Your optimal energy level

Think back to the way you started your day today. Did you have much energy? Did you wake up feeling alert, happy, and full of clarity? 

Sometimes we feel like those kinds of mornings are the exception and not the rule. But the truth is if it can happen once we can consciously repeat the process. Our bodies are the harbor for our energy, aura, and life force. Sometimes there are just too many things interfering with that energetic life force. The brain communicates those sources of interference, which are weighing us down and blocking our ideal energy level. 

The one major identifiable source of interference for Chiropractic is the vertebral subluxation. This condition interferes with the energy that travels from our brains to our bodies, tissues, cells, and organs. When this type of interference occurs, that magnificent experience of morning euphoria cannot be achieved because the body was unable to rest at the level it should. Releasing of a subluxation literally changes lives by re-establishing harmony while balancing a body’s energy — all the way from the cells and tissue to the brain. A body in harmony is one that can enjoy that morning euphoria seven days a week. 

The Energy of Healing: Developing a Sense of Self

Our sense of self is the essential part of our nature that makes us different from everyone else. It’s not based so much on all that has happened in our lives, as it is on what we select, imagine, and remember. 

These memories include our relationships with our various family members, teachers, and friends, and the wide variety of traumas, challenges, and joys we experience as a part of being human. In Stage One, we’re not yet ready enough to recognize a distinction between our sense of self and our suffering, as suffering is a natural by-product of a distorted sense of self. 

For instance, many of us base our identity on parts of our bodies. Thus, suffering takes place when anything happens to one specific part. A woman who loses a breast due to breast cancer may suffer intensely because she feels she is no longer a woman. Yet in reality, this loss does not make her any less of a woman at all. It’s when she identifies with the breast as an essential part of who she is that suffering is bound to happen.

That’s why traumatic events in life can trigger suffering for many people. However, through such suffering, we often become aware that we were living an illusion we were previously not conscious of. And as long as we consider the illusion to be real, we will continue to suffer. Events involving illness or loss may cause pain in varying degrees, but our level of suffering is always related to how we perceive these events in our lives. Suffering is our inner wisdom reminding us that we need to alter our perspectives.

Love your Spine — Love your Life