Healing from within!

Healing from within

The Best Healer is within

It’s happening every day—more and more people are discovering the failures of modern medicine, and they’re choosing to seek out alternative paths for healing. But simply switching from chemical-laden prescriptions to herbs and natural remedies isn’t enough. The real transformation comes when individuals completely change their way of thinking about health. By doing so, it sets them up on a different path to health with a drastically improved mindset. Rather than thinking in terms of treating illnesses, people can instead start thinking in terms of creating wellness. 

The best healer truly is within. The ultimate goal of our health care should be to allow the body to function as it’s designed to function. Medical doctors are NOT smarter than nature. The truth is, the body was created with all the mechanisms needed to maintain its own health. So keep that in mind as you seek to improve your own wellness. “Health” is something we create from the inside. Our ultimate goal: To make sure the body can do the job it was meant to do with as little interference as possible. 

Now You Know

A spine in alignment tends to stay in alignment until met by an external force.

Your brain sends electric messages at 270 m.p.h. to every muscle and organ of the body.

The one single cause of all sickness and disease is lowered resistance.

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