The Brain-Body Connection

There’s no question about it — the body and brain are one unit. Think about it: The shape, position, tone, and tension of your spinal system has direct connections to the shape, position, tone, and tension of your life. The state of your flexibility and the natural contours of your Spine will directly affect your life experiences. 

If you feel that your body-brain is “stuck” in a certain perspective, your circumstances rarely have anything to do with a conscious choice. It is more of a consequence of a fixed nervous system due to a spinal distortion or related problem. Here at The Healthpraxiswe can conduct a personalised, comprehensive spinal assessment to help you get your body-mind back where you want it. It’s all part of our approach to health care.   

Below is an example of breath work we do here that helps you connect your circumstances and your body.

The 12 Stages of Healing: Stage One

Lie on your back or be seated. Put both hands on your upper chest, palms facing downward, and breathe slowly through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe only deep enough to feel your breath meet the rhythm of your chest rising and falling. Continue this for one or two minutes. If you find it painful or uncomfortable, or if this exercise brings up intense emotions, just continue for as long as you can until you need to stop. 

Now do the same exercise with your hands placed at the bottom of your breastbone and breathe the same way. Then place your hands on your abdomen (near your navel) and repeat. Remember to breathe into the area where your hands are placed. 

If you are in the stage of suffering, you may find it physically difficult to firmly touch one of those regions and breathe into it. For those who may have unresolved Stage One issues, there may even be a high emotional charge or response during this exercise. If it’s very difficult to do in one of the regions, move to a different region that feels more comfortable. Let the peace you experience there spread to the region where you felt discomfort. 

Also, in Stage One, suffering is associated with having isolated certain aspects of ourselves — such as personality traits, diseased parts, painful memories, or unresolved childhood issues — from the rest of our body-mind.

Love Your Spine — Love Your Life.