Your Personal Energy

Your Personal Energy – Let’s get “technical” for a second. All the tech-goodies we use daily are battery-powered: mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, etc. When it comes to your phone, you’re likely very aware of how much battery life you have Right? 

What some of us fail to recognise, however, is that we need to be just as vigilant about our body’s personal energy “battery strength.” Each of us is responsible for keeping our bodies charged with good energy and making sure we’re “powered up.” We need to maintain our health and strength and make sure we have enough of a reserve so we can maintain the best quality of life possible. 

How is your body handling day-to-day stresses?

Do you have a personal “healing reserve” or is it eking away due to lifestyle stress that needs to be addressed?

Are you susceptible to old injuries, a poor diet, or medication usage? 

By maintaining good muscle tone, balance, and a healthy spine, your body will be in tip-top shape. After all, everything in our body is interconnected. A healthy spine relates to a healthy nervous system and a happier You! 

Love Your Spine – Love Your Life

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