Spirit, Energy, and Structure are interdependent this is coherence. We are whole because of this. I want to describe life from the practitioner’s vantage point and then magnify the details of hands on spinal care. 

I have chosen to describe coherence relating to healing and the underlying field of influence seen in all living systems. However like all good ideas. What is true for you today may not be true tomorrow. At each daybreak, there is another chance for discovery, and transformation. Yet it remains important to highlight where we stand now.

Coherence in the living system, is about recognising the abundant-coherent compartments and sub-compartments of stored and active energy with you that allow for all processes to take place unimpaired. This is about understanding, each organising process connects to every other in a metabolic net that spans all space-time domains. (1)

Ultimately, coherence creates a reciprocal relationship, allowing for coordinated and appropriate force and action generation within a living being. (1)

On reading these statements know that all your energy and life forces are directed towards and through your spine. Realise the spine plays a vital role for all living organisms; the spine is a place to congregate consciousness, intelligence, and power. So, I dare to tell you that you must look after your nervous system if you want to experience the fullness of life flowing through your being.

Vertebral Subluxation

As a result of the review process, the Australian Spinal Research Foundation’s (ASRF) board has framed and adopted a conceptual definition of the vertebral subluxation. Further, this is a testable model that applies to research and practice. This model also reflects current available evidence and understanding. For the research agenda the ASRF, now clearly states: “A vertebral subluxation is a diminished state of being, comprising of a state of reduced coherence, altered biomechanical function, altered neurological function, and altered adaptability.”(2)

The ASRF also asks us to consider the whole person, the expression of the efficiency of the energetic system/coherence. Moreover, they specify that the above framework should not determine the implications of the vitalistic nature of the person (self-aware, self-organising, and self-healing nature). (2) Always and forever, you are whole and worthy regardless of the presence or absence of the vertebral subluxation.

This beautiful comment reiterates the sentiment: “It is wonderful to aspire to something, to become a better person; we are here to learn and evolve. However, the degree to which you accomplish these goals will not determine your worthiness. We have nothing to prove or accomplish, nothing to do to become deserving. We are that already.” (3)

The Field

Observed for over 100 years is that light acts as a form of communication. Cells can exchange information in many ways, and Gurwitsch did more than 200 experiments to show this. He and others since have shown cells can use non-thermal electromagnetic radiation in the spectral region of a millimeter, infrared, and visible waves when stimulated to depolarize its membrane.(4) Also, other discoveries have observed that light is transmitted through cells via its architecture in structures (organelles) known as microtubules. Within the microtubules is super organised water, capable of allowing light to travel unimpeded to all areas of a living system. (5) Therefore, light may well be the significant organising power that animates our spirit and provides the blueprint for life’s coherent patterns.

Astoundingly, In her book, The Field, McTaggart (5) curated generous amounts of data on the surrounding field of life: a quantum phenomenon. Hence, there is evidence to support a theory which states all life is shaped via morphic (surrounding) fields. The morphic field holds onto and carries the memory needed to sustain life, and the evidence shows and supports how electrochemical stimulation happens at a place known as “the zero-point field”. The zero-point field may well be a quantum bridge for the transmission of life force from metaphysical to physical. At the zero-point field, you will find light emissions, and it is possible that light waves hold all the information need for coherence (superradiance) of life.

You can place your attention on this invisible field of energy that links physical and spirit, and perhaps you may discover the source of power. Dispenza (6,7) asks us to go beyond everything known in our lives and enter the unknown, to swim with the flow of life, returning to the source. Epstein (8) proposes that you can merge with all the shadows and gifts in your life. Delve inwards and allow your attention to become at ease with all that you are, binding a powerful wholeness and connection with the source.

Coherence & Entrainment

The body holds much energy and all the information needed to thrive, so why is it that so many people cannot mobilise their resources?

Throughout our life, we can reside in different fields of influence. Some of these habitats may have more to offer than others. Also, there’s a chance our perception could be limiting our ability to connect with and embody all the different fields of resonance. However, there is no need to be stuck, as Hawkins states, it’s possible to have breakthrough experiences, and we can raise ourselves to newer and newer heights when you are ready and willing. (9)

When you enter into higher-order states, the effect is palpable, and growth happens naturally. When you willingly accept something more and place yourself within the influence and agency of higher-order life, you can entrain to this state. (9)

When people meet, we have the ability to create rapport, respond to one another, love, learn, develop new responses. During the best moments there’s a bringing together of energy consistent with our true nature. Therefore, the resident intelligence within the field, effortlessly, spontaneously, majestically reorganises, grows, heals, transforms and evolves the parts, and the whole system. (10)

NetworkSpinal Practitioners know this intuitively and empirically, when people in care show every increasing signs of health.

Outside of the NetworkSpinal community, researchers are confirming these findings. For example, the Heart-Math institute created a small experiment, which also suggests that a coherent energy field can be generated and enhanced by the intentions of small groups of participants trained to send coherence-facilitating intentions to a target receiver (a person). Who then responded with increased levels of comfort between the group. The evidence of heart rhythm synchronization across participants supports the possibility of heart-to-heart bio-communications. (11)

Coherence in Practice

There is love, light and energy within you. Let it shine and enjoy your wholeness and connection to all that resides within you and others.

Your chiro-practitioner helps you, by analysing, and taking note of spinal tone (12): structure, temperature, tonicity, elasticity, renitency (resistance and opposition), and tension. Then they gently apply light touches at specific points along the spine to help your body recognise its current state, allowing you a safe space and freedom to reorganise to greater states of order. I ask you, “What could be better than that?”


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