Attitude & Gratitude

Feeling grateful and reminding ourselves of all the things we appreciate is something that we should try to implement throughout the whole of the year and not just around Christmas time. It is beneficial for our mental health as well as our overall physical health, too, inclusive of our spinal wellbeing.

In times of sincere gratitude and contentment, then our spines react accordingly to reflect how we are feeling. We refer to this as the Season of Awaken. During this time, we will experience more opening and a natural extension of the spine – resulting in eased tension and, hopefully, a reduction in spinal strains and troubles.

There are many ways to keep gratitude alive all year round, beyond when we are reminded to do so here and now.

For example, when you’re feeling the strains of “if I do this, I’ll eventually be happy” or “once I get this done I’ll be thankful” then take a step back and find ways to appreciate what you currently have and what you have achieved so far. There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how little or large.

Keep a gratitude diary to remind yourself of the significant elements to your life when times get tough or take a gratitude walk when you need a time out to yourself to reflect. Remember the little things you are happy about in your life.

Whether it was the perfect cup of coffee, you had this morning, or the small luxury of living in a beautiful home in an area you like or reminding yourself about a person that brings joy to your day, without fail. Find something, anything, focus on that, remind yourself of the good in the world rather than the stresses that overwhelm you, and make you feel unappreciative.

Your mental, physical, and spinal health will thank you for taking these small steps towards a more grateful lifestyle.

Love Your Spine – Love Your Life