Health care as we know it in this country is focused on stomping out symptoms and conditions and turning down the volume on an uncomfortable feeling.

We’ve been taught that since our earliest memories if something is hurting, mum kisses it to make it better. If it’s more significant, we get medication, and pills to make it go away. If we are upset or feeling down, we reach for caffeine, television, alcohol, food, or other substances to numb ourselves. We do all this in the attempt to silence what we are feeling. However, is that in our best interest?

All of your senses are necessary from seeing and hearing to feeling. 

Your feelings and what you sense allows you to respond, to react, and to adapt and heal. If you put your hand on a hot stove, are you better off to feel it or not?

We may have the most intricate and sensitive autonomic and sensory nerve system of any creature on the planet. Which has evolved over millennia to create a body that is fit to survive and thrive on this planet.

Human skeleton leaning forward in pain.

The traumas of your past literally alienate feelings, isolate, separate part of your physiology from one another. You end up living in a body armour of your history. After a while your nerve system chooses to send you wake up messages! Pain is a message for you to pay attention to and realise you are deserve more than your current state of life. The aching shoulder, the bulging waistline, your lack of energy, and so on. The healthier you are, the more subtle the messenger, and the quicker you respond. The sicker you are, the louder the messenger and the more destructive it is to how you live your life.

Physical, chemical, or emotional events can and often do wind us up, so much so that the body gets tied up in knots. From the fall over your bicycle handlebars as a child, to the upset you experienced with the loss of a loved one. This can give rise to many problems one of which is called the Vertebral Subluxation: short term survival strategies necessary and effective for you to get on with your life. These distortions fragment your nerve system, and when present leave you dis-connected from who you truly are, and from living up to your quality of life potential you deserve.

Sometimes waking up from the past is hard to do, and the longer you hit the snooze alarm, the harder it is to wake up to the state you were in before you had this symptomatic situation.

Disease care has it place and there are many physicians who do wonderful work in helping people with their acute recovery. However, in the long run is this further anesthetising you from your life, and can you continue using short term and crisis care. Wellness care, is about a better connection to the perfection within you so you can feel everything and achieve more.

Your Journey

You can take action, action acknowledges your wounds and uses them for fuel and positive change. You deserve even more feeling and more than just a return to prior state of health; this is not good enough, because, maybe the prior state got you to the situation you are in now, and to the symptom you are experiencing, or the condition you have.

Healing is the path and connection with your whole being. Healing is when you feel the parts of you that have been numb throughout your life, the unexpressed emotional upset, the detoxification of the chemical exposures you have experienced, the physical traumas. Perhaps, healing is when you will feel for the first time in your life. And perhaps in healing is when you will experience and feel your life source, and feel all of what life has to offer.

At The Healthpraxis we are passionate about building partnerships that cultivate healing. Would you like partner with us for a life of healing and growth?

Love Your Spine – Love Your Life.