Create your anti-Inflammatory life. Part 1

Our concern for health typically arises with inflammation, damage, and/or disorder. Would you like to create your anti-inflammatory life before it’s to late? Can you see and feel inflammation in yourself? Perhaps you have family member or friend that is affected in this way.

Under normal circumstances, our bodies, tissues and cells adapt, correcting insult, injury, or toxic bombardment as they happen. 

All life, from single-celled organisms, bacteria and viruses, to multicellular organisms: we are all dependent on the adequacy of our environment, temperature, and nourishment. In the early stages of life, wounds heal easily, and inflammation reduces quickly. However, with aging or extreme circumstances, failure to regeneration or slowed healing often occurs. Why is this?

Doctors and healers of all kinds have asked the question “what is inflammation?”. In the process we’ve discombobulated, dissected, and pondered over all things; created medication and supplements, crushed herbs and called on the Gods, yet surprisingly we have not overcome our inflammatory concerns. And, nowadays, chronic inflammatory challenges are common in all walks of life. Inflammation is a major factor in all disease.

Inflammation that stays, creates repetitive loops of internal action and inflammatory events start to work against themselves, giving rise to more inflammation and all kinds of issues in the tissues. Chronic inflammation is like driving with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake!

Let’s have a brief look over our scientific history. Knowledge of the cell is a very recent development. In early scientific observation and thinking, the prevailing opinion was that life is a result of a vital force: the energy or spirit, which animates living creatures. This was the period of Vitalism. In 1855, Robert Boyle used a microscope and discovered the cell. This started a more mechanical approach to life, because he went on to say that whether living or not, the physical parts of life dictate the process that happens. However, today and evermore the common consensus is that both of these factors are important. Life has meaning.

Understand this, in inflammation, both internal and external environments need to be considered. First, inflammation and an overwhelmed nerve system goes hand in hand. Therefore, look after your spine and nerve system. Second, environmental factors are important.

We must observe all our life choices because to create an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that works, we must consider how well we look after our heart-mind-body. Life and the experience we have is a combination of all our personal and collective mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual activities.

Create an anti-Inflammatory life - Part 1

Hands holding a small green budding plant. Making a point that life can thrive with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

I’m asking you to observe and feel, are you doing enough to live in a wholesome environment? Are you taking a holistic and vitalistic approach to your life and the life of your loved ones? 

Your anti-inflammatory tip

Your skin is an organ that reacts to the environment. Please check your soaps, and make sure they only have the most basic ingredients within.

If palm oils (also known as: see below) are present, then find an alternative. These are often inflammatory agents. Throw these soaps out with the bath water immediately and start again.

Elaeis guineensis. Etyl palmitate. Glyceryl. Hydrogenated palm glycerides. Octyl palmitate. Palm fruit oil. Palm kernel. Palm kernel oil. Palm stearine. Palmate. Palmitate. Palmitic acid. Palmitoyl oxostearamide. Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3. Palmityl alcohol. Palmolein. Sodium kernelate. Sodium laureth sulfate. Sodium lauryl lactylate/sulphate. Sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium palm kernelate. Stearate. Stearic acid. Vegetable fat. Vegetable oil.

Removing pro-inflammatory foods, cleaning products, environmental agents and toxic thoughts and actions can take a long time. Good living and Life’s journey can be very beautiful when we include nourishing lifestyle choices.

Please, be patient with yourself and enjoy making healthy changes.