Inflammation & your lifestyle. Part 2

Inflammation presents in many ways all unique to the person involved, even if the diagnosis is similar: asthma, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cancer, obesity, pain disorders, depression, and arthritis, to name a few. And, hear this: these symptoms are effects, not the cause, of the issues in the tissues! 

It’s often vital to diagnose your problems clinically, this can help you tremendously to understand the depth of your life situation. Know that this can be a turning point for massive change in your life. Your turmoil is a calling to You! “Wake up, life is worth living”. And, I am here to say: YOU have the power to change YOURSELF and YOUR environment. YOU can have profound healing experiences when YOU create a nurturing experience for YOURSELF! 

In moments of disharmony and inflammation, you can feel very trapped and often only the most basic of functions take place: movement, a fight or flight response to danger, excretion, reproduction, respiration, and eating. In these moments you may not seem to be in a place for growth, learning, the pursuit of truth / freedom, and play. However, You can create harmony right here, and you can attune to the gifts hidden in the shadows. In doing so you will be able to use this experience as fuel for positive change. 

In the first stages of healing you will be embroiled in suffering and a search for help. Through personal and professional experience, I know this to be true, as my own experience of severe intestinal inflammation showed me. And yet, I allowed myself to use this as a time to ask for more. I met many beautiful people, read deeply, and experienced the true wonder of life and healing. And so can You!

Low energy states allow inflammatory agents to build up in the body. This is a state of nerve system depression and down-regulation of anti-inflammatory behaviour.

Enjoying an Anti-inflammatory lifestyle comes from your holistic life view and from you applying it practically. Holism observes each person as unique rather than the sum of the averages, and it is inclusive of all life. This is also a collaborative view meant for the world. We are here to work together.

Change costs energy and often requires the support of people who can love and guide you through this time in your life. This is why I’ve established The Healthpraxis. Here, we embody the holistic view. Here, you will find practitioners who want to help you discover and coordinate your connection to the source of your strength and healing through a healthy spine and nerve system.

Love Your Spine- Love Your Life.