Joint Arthritis

Often, I ask my patients what do you think is the cause of joint arthritis?

There are several factors that cause arthritis; let’s examine this a little further. In Chiropractic, there is a relevant term that we use called “Vertebral Subluxation”. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, the Vertebral Subluxation in part represents changes in the way a joint/s of the spine moves.

Increased joint tension and altered joint movement can be caused by a traumatic event such as a car accident, sports injury, a slip or fall. It can also arise from repetitive motions at work. Even something as simple as sitting with your legs crossed for hours at a time, sleeping in abnormal positions and bending over your phone. Dr. Epstein also suggests that emotional tension plays a role in the development of spinal stress and joint fixation.

Here’s the issue: most issues of spinal sprains and strains create allodynia, they do not cause pain… at least not immediately. You can have a this issue in your spine for days, months, or even years without any apparent symptoms! Ask Yourself This. What is the relationship between my symptoms/discomfort/life and my spine?

I routinely see clients in their 30’s, and 40’s who have early onset joint arthritis in their spine, knees, fingers, etc. The answer is that joint arthritis isn’t solely caused by old age. Realise that joint misalignment can happen at any age, and scar tissue and inflammation arises very quickly with unresolved trauma and sustained stress.

Have you ever been driving and hit a pothole that threw off your cars wheel alignment? What would happen if you didn’t get it realigned? Your tires would begin to wear unevenly, and the longer it stayed that way, the worse the problem would get. The same thing is important for yourself and how your body relates with its internal and external environment.

Chiropractic is the largest natural health and wellness care system in the world! Which more often then not profoundly aids in helping the release of accumulated mechanical tension of the whole spine and particular vertebral unit motion dysfunctions. Your connective tissues, ligaments, muscles and tendons can start to glide smoothly and everyday movements can change. With care and time, your body can be encouraged to move freely again.

The question is, what kind of body do you want and are you ready to make choices that help you express more ease?

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