Your Nerve System

A defining feature of the Healthpraxis is that we consider your nerve system: brain, spinal cord, and nerves, is the master coordinator of your body’s function. The nerve system coordinates all information and therefore all bodily functions.

A pathologist and researcher named Henry Windsor, M.D., conducted studies on 200 cadavers to determine the importance of the nerve system. He asked can fixations in the spine cause nerve interference and irritation that produces dis-ease in the rest of the body? 

The findings:

1. Each time he discovered a diseased organ he would trace the nerves from that organ to where they started in the spine. Each time, he found the nerves were being distorted at the area closest to the spine.

2. The more advanced the organ disease, the clearer the nerve irritation was at the spine.

3. Out of the 200 cadavers that he dissected, 196 had Fixations / Vertebral Subluxations. 

Dr. Windsor said “Organs supplied by pinched nerves reveal pathological changes. The more serious the pinched nerve, the more serious the organ damage.”

Now think of this. Out of the 200 subjects, 98% had fixations/vertebral subluxations! It’s time to consider your life choices and health.

Coming to the Healthpraxis is about much more than just neck pain and back pain. We love to help people with the pain, because we work primarily with your spine. And we’re also looking at the spine in the first place because that’s where all of the sensitive nerve communication takes place.

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A man and his wife were enjoying a disagreement about who should brew the coffee in the morning.The wife stated, “You should make the coffee because you’re more of a morning person, and you always get out of bed first. So, if you do it, then we don’t have to wait as long to get the coffee, and we’ll both be happy.”

The husband replied, “You’re in charge of the cooking around here, so you should do it, it’s your job, and I’m happy to wait for my coffee. “Wife replies, “No, you should do it, it says in the Bible that the man should make the coffee.”

The husband replies, “I cannot believe that! prove it.”

So the wife found a bible, and opened the first page and showed him at the top the page, printed clearly it says, “HEBREWS.” 

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