How is your Sleep?

At times we’ve all done it… scraping by on 4-5 hours of sleep and poor routine. Despite that, we know we need more downtime. Life can feel so BUSY that it’s impossible to give yourself the rest you need.

Silence can heal. Silence and stillness, noise, and activity, each brings us their gifts and challenges. Living life away from noise and activity, or living life amid noise and chaos are personal preferences. At different times, each one may be effective for healing. 

If you’re struggling to get into a good bedtime routine and having regular 7-9 hours of rest, you may like to consider following these tips.

1. During the day, move and exercise – dance and play! You’ll more likely fall asleep faster and rest deeply if you’ve expressed yourself physically.

2. Create some rest time before bed. Use this pre-bedtime to do things that bring you peace and joy.

3. If you do wake up, ask yourself, are you hungry? At night the nerve system must repair and reorder, and fueling for recovery is essential.

4. Mornings. Keeping a consistent wake-up time and getting up with conviction counts and will more often than not prime you for a good day.

Once your more relaxed, you can rest assured that you’re improving your physical and mental health. People with adequate sleep are less prone to being overweight, are more likely to think clearly, have a good memory, and generally have a stable mood. 

Self-care maximises your potential for well being by remove spine and nerve interference; you can unleash the power of the body to look after itself. You can become more adaptable to physical, chemical, and mental stresses. 

Would you like to improve your sleep, health and take yourself on a healing journey? 

The Healthpraxis is here to help you shift your life from where you are right now to where you need to be, a place of optimal health, where you feel great, and function well, have more energy, and can be more joyful. Join us at the healthpraxis and ignite your passion for life.