Your phone or wellness?

It’s your choice to live a life with your head buried in a phone or not! It is up to you to appreciate the gravity of this situation! Know this, your choices today will affect your health today and in the future.

Let me share with you why you want to spend much less time with your phone. What you have here is my feelings and thoughts based on reductive and deductive reasoning and are based on general laws of life. 

Together with the below hypothesis we can examine some obvious possibilities, until we come to a logical agreement.

The hypothesis: Holding your chin to your chest is very stressful for your body.

My opinion is that your lifestyle and unmannerly use of phones means that you are constantly bombarded with sensory information and poor postures that is overwhelming you. 1st know this, you cannot feel 95% of what is happening in your nerve system. 2nd, & 3rd, Videman found that immobilisation is a cause of osteoarthritis and delayed healing. Also, consider that Videman saw how scar-tissue is deposited immediately upon immobilisation.

Are you creating static tension for minutes/hours or even days on end without movement or rest?

4th, When you have significant stress such as holding your head over your chest for long periods of time, often these problems aren’t noticed or corrected early on. 

Your neck is sensitive to pressure changes and, as each day goes by with accumulated time leaning over your phone adaptation must take place. 

Your sympathetic nerve system is more than likely significantly wound up: you are locked in, unable to hit the rest and relax button! Understand that your sympathetic nerve system lies outside and in front of your spine. In front of your first neck vertebrae lies the superior cervical ganglion. This ganglion is a key relay-station for nerve impulses that communicates to the eyes, tongue, nose, throat, oesophagus, trachea, lungs and heart! What kind of effects do you think will happen when you squeeze your neck down all the time?

Nobody is exempt from the natural law, and your habits are interfering with your beautiful arrangement of bones, muscles, fascia lymphatics arteries & veins, nerves, fluids, and gases, energy and life force, emotions, thoughts and more.

Nerve interference is your obstacle to understand because it diverts your attention and bandwidth to defensive posturing and defensive physiology. And know this you can not be in a state of defence and wellness at the same time. Your chin to chest posture means you’re living like somebody who is driving with the handbrake and accelerator at the same time! 

Also, your phone is programmed to hypnotise and steals your mind. It gives off terror alerts 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This machine is not your friend; phones are tools, treat it like one. Try a whole day without it, try a day keep it off your body, stop taking it to the toilet with you and use it less! Never sleep within next to your head. And DO NOT EVER drive and use a phone! 

Put your phone down and imagine a life with your head and heart lifted; look around the world is a beautiful place. We need more people being conscious of themselves and their immediate environment.

You can create an optimal state of being that allows for free-flowing nerve impulses, optimal spinal pressure and heightened adaptability. 

Your phone or Wellness? It's your choice to live a life with your head buried in a phone or not! It really is up to you to appreciate the gravity of this situation. Your choice today will affect your health and life today and in the future.

You each carry your own doctor inside you. You come to us not knowing that truth. You are at our best when you give the doctor who resides within you a chance to work. Albert Schweitzer, M.D.

A kind of super intelligence exists within each of us, infinitely smarter and possessed of technical know-how far beyond our present understanding. Lewis Thomas, M.D.

Intelligence is available everywhere in your body… your inner intelligence is far superior to any you can try to substitute from others. Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Innate is an individualised portion of the ALL-WISE usually known as spirit. B.J. Palmer, D.C

Gain Knowledge of the spine, for this, is the prerequisite, for health. Hippocrates

Now is the right moment for you to create a shift in your life to feel more energised and resourceful. It all starts with your decision to ask for a change. Contact us via email at  for more information and a chance to take your life and your health by the scruff of its neck.