Life: Entirely, in its Integrity

B J Palmer wrote in collaboration with Dr Craven: “There is life; therefore, there must be a source of life”.

Would you deny the existence of space, air, or love? None of which you have any substantial material evidence. With your common sense, surely you will know without a doubt that all life is connected. It’s of no matter what you call it; there is a life force for and in all things that you cannot deny. And given the volumes of scientific works that are now connecting the fabric life and the world we know together, it is time to lift our hearts and start paying some respect to the world we inhabit.

Surely you are past these primitive ideas and philosophies! Why should you care? Surely you do not need to know that there is a universal life force, an intelligence in matter, energy, time and space. It must not be relevant to you. You’re the modern Homo Sapien surrounded by technology and shut up safely between four walls, a floor, a roof, etc. 

Your Calling Home

It is for you to be aware, acknowledge and accept (if you wish) the enormity of existence. The principle of universal intelligence (D D Palmer) was born of reverence, a love of life and humanity’s ability to collaborate with all of life and your innate nature. 

What gifts of health, healing and love are you being offered to you right now?

No, you cannot control the sun, moment of galaxies or wind in your hair. You CAN take responsibility for your life, thoughts and actions. You can express your experience with outrageous flair and style. Can you hear the calls for you to be with her? Live in harmony with life and your calling to love unconditionally?

 Dr Ichak Adizes says: 

“Hate is the absence of love”.

“Love is a muscle, and it needs to be flexed”.

“Live without pretending… Love without depending”.

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