Social Wellness in 2020

Social Wellness is alive and kicking in 2020, let’s keep moving to towards having more of what we do want. 

The storminess of 2020 and its changes may not have ended, so we need to be patient and compassionate. If you’re anything like me there has been a few tears and temper tantrums along the way. And why not this has been an incomprehensible change in order. So let your tears flow, cry out and get emotional the old ways are out, and that isn’t always easy. 

Yet, we’ve been able to live with the massive life changes thrust upon us unexpectedly. The story most people are telling us that 2020 has been the year to build dreams and take the first steps into a newer brighter future. The great realization is that; you’re not getting through this alone, and because of this year’s shake-up, small and large communities are coming together unite in social wellness. 

Can you also feel the magnetism of our internal draw to be together with friends and family and co-workers? 

We are social beings, who love to gather to nibble on food, party and celebrate life and death. I do not think we could’ve been given a better gift this year than our physical distancing. We’ve been shown how much we need each other and about how strength comes from connection.

I can’t tell you how much joy I get from meeting up with my friends at the moment. Walking around the different towns and villages and coastal paths of north Devon. It is brilliant to see and hear friends unite over a cup of tea or meet for a stroll through the park. If this isn’t social wellness, then I don’t know what is!

If you’re not familiar with the phrase Social Wellness that’s OK, it’s what we are experiencing at this moment as people come together for love and support. Social wellness is focused on community support and the giving and receiving of each other’s gifts. 

Social wellness also occurs through your network of friends and family. These are the people you can turn to in times of crisis as well as times of celebration. Your social connections act as a buffer against stormy life events that can happen at any time. 

Now, here is something to consider, even if you’re with a family member or friend don’t assume, they are coping. Social Wellness is calling for a new and improved life, and this won’t happen if you are falling into the common pitfalls of communication. 

Remember, good communication leads to comprehension and compassion. So, put your ego aside and take some advice. Start listening with your heart and feelings when somebody is calling for your attention. Stop and listen! Listening may seem simple yet, honestly, you know how difficult this can be when you attempt to be quiet and listen. Your mind may be calling for you to check your phone, or insist that you interrupt with cascades of criticism, evaluation, explanation, strategizing and articulation. Wait a moment, take a deep breath before you speak, and wonder is your companion done saying or doing their thing. Don’t be interesting: Get interested. 

Social wellness can also mean that you find a space to be alone. Funny social wellness and being alone how does that work? 

Well, unless you spend some time away from the noise of the day and nurture your personal needs, you may find yourself at a loss even when surrounded by well-meaning people. Knowing yourself is vitally important for your self-esteem, and if you’ve taken the time to understand your wants and needs, you will make the world a better place. Social Wellness comes from personal wellness, which transfers into your external relationships and helps other people to do the same.

Alone time, is precious, nowadays, you’ll likely be overloaded with information from the media, computers and phones. Almost everybody is stuck in their heads and not taking the time to switch off for healthy periods of the day and week. Here’s an example, you decide to go for a run, so you get dressed and wear your headphones and listen to your favourite melodies while running. Insisting on being entertained while exercising helps you stay distant from yourself. How can stop and feel the fullness of your body running through tension when you aren’t present with it?

One of my teachers loves to tell me, and living is giving. And I agree with him. Social wellness goes hand and hand with your ability to give more than you receive. And, here’s the thing, the love that you give away is the love that you get to keep. And, there are so many studies in the scientific literature that show it’s also a fabulous way for you to help yourself and lead a healthy life

Of course, you won’t need to be convinced to help you’ll probably be doing so much already to help that I’ve stated the obvious here. So, let me add this, remember to take stock of all the good you do every day. Give yourself and others reward and feedback their good deeds help the world go round and social wellness is built with cooperation. 

Like Dr Frank Vaught said at the top of this voice “The love you give, always is the love you keep: the love you give, always is the love you keep; the love you give, always is the love you keep.”

The beautiful thing about social wellness is that we get to experience life together and for the common good. So that we can actually be with and feel all the beauty life has to offer amid a storm. 

In finishing my notes and ideas for brighter social wellness than imaginable, please remember to smile and perhaps even joke around a bit, because both have their benefits. 

A chicken was talking with a bull “I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree,” sighed the chicken, but I haven’t got any energy.” “Well, why don’t you nibble on my droppings?” replied the bull. “They’re full of nutrients.” So, the chicken pecked at the pile of dung and found that it did gave him a little enough strength and he was able to reach the lowest branch on the tree. The next day, after eating a bit more dung, he reached the middle branch. Finally, after a third helping, the chicken proudly perched at the top of the tree. However, no sooner did this happen when he was spotted by a farmer, who shot the chicken from his perch in the tree.

Moral of the story: Bullsh*t might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there!