Emotions & Your Alchemy

Emotions and their alchemy is a process that can only happen for you when you listen attentively to your internal flow of feelings and how they create energy-information. 

Today’s culture is hypermasculine and critical of emotions. This headstrong departure form using feelings as a guide has led humanity up a one-way street. And now all too often, life is experienced, devoid of any reassuring visceral feelings!

Alexithymia: is the subclinical state of numbness, and the inability to identify and describe emotions within the body and in the world. Can you feel how, in today’s culture there is dysfunction in feeling / emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relating? 

Suffering is natural and is necessary for your health and safety, so why not turn life’s lemons into Lemonade. Listen patiently as you discover and transform your inner feelings?

You don’t need to live this way, and you can create emotional alchemy. Connect with your emotional flow and claim more from life. Your process starts when you bring awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance (AAA) to your feelings. 

Your energy ‘energia’ or ‘activity’ is your vitality in action; it is your power and governs your capacity to do life! Your energy in ‘e-motions’ (energy and motion) are neither bad nor good; emotions exist to summon your attention and prepare you for action.

At all times, your body’s wisdom totally understands the purpose of your feelings. Using AAA, you can create emotional connections that help you enrich your life. And with time, you can truly honour the feelings you have within and widen your perception of the world.

Your alchemy (discover, transform, awaken) is a body-wide artistic process, of childlike exploration filled with feeling. Which if you choose to allow must be a gently surrender to the flow of intelligence within and around you. 

Once you start connecting with tension in your spine and nerve system, you will find your feelings can surface and become very clear. Then new possibilities can begin to open up for you. As is said, “You can’t heal it until you feel it”. 

love your spine – love your life

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