Floating in Anxiety and Numb Without Fear

Hans Selye describes “floating anxiety.” as when you are afraid, although you do not know precisely why. He also consequently stated, this is also when your heartbeat speeds up, your blood pressure rises, and you begin to sweat. All because of a phobia/neurosis to something at work, within your family, or the news. Perhaps, somebody was asking you to do or go somewhere, and now your anxiety is coming out.

Personally, writing about the experience of anxiety and fear does bring up some interesting memories.

During my first year in practice, which took place at the guided supervision at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, my anxiety came to the surface. Imagine this, after 3- years of preparation, heart and mind, and thousands of hours of practice, my enthusiasm turned into a whirlwind of uncertainty. And just like anybody who appears to get into this kind of state knows, all you want to do put on a brave face and make it through the day. I thought I was ok, until one day, while in the clinic, I was sent to attend to a child. Instantly as I entered the room, this beautiful child was already screaming to the heavens; accompanied by their very concerned mother. My intuition gave me a sense that this was not normal, and this child needed something more.

We sent the child to the hospital, and the full scale of this child’s health became apparent as we found out this child had an anatomical defect in the oesophagus. Sending this child to the hospital was the best thing we could do, and this was the straw that broke the camels (that’s me) back. Two days later, again, I make a decision and signed myself off for a month, I went home to recover my wits and energy. 

As time has passed, more lessons from my own and my client’s anxiety and fears have arisen. There are things we can and need to be with to help ourselves and others in these situations. If you like to skip to the end of the blog, you can start your practice now.


Anxiety is something that seems to be felt according to Freud.  It has a physical state that arises to warn you of danger (It’s usually effective and unpleasant). You can then also become uneasy with what seems like tension, and nervousness. There may also be worried about physical ramifications. If you’re like me, this sounds very familiar.

Fear is a discrete and powerful emotion that comes to a head in very obvious. Anxiety is nonspecific and everywhere. So, what if I said to you your anxiety is suffocating you because of your lack of fear?

Ecocide seems so real yet how wonderfully did our plant respond to quieter skies oceans and forests? The so-called authorities and governments and frantic with their messages about public health, yet they send out mixed messages that only raise people’s anxiety which also appears to creates a culture of mistrust and anxiety. Yet look around you people are alive.

With every forest tree and its inhabitants that are displaced or destroyed, every molecule of ocean water or air that is polluted, the war we create, humans we mistreat, injustice in the law and social and economic systems. Our collective anxiety increases. As well, as our capacity to connect with the world. Each of us also seems to experience the limitations of our experienced (or not) capacity to be healthy, create in relationships for yourself or others, create business and financial freedoms and more.

There is so much information available from our internal dialogue, why don’t we honour it for what it is? For example, in a relationship, what seems to be a fear of commitment may be vital feedback that you or your partner could be harbouring unmet wants and needs. So, with a little Awareness, Acknowledgement and Acceptance (AAA) your intuit may be able to turn your gut feelings into information that allows you to discover, transform and awaken your life.
Stop-Look-Listen you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Have you ever heard the fable about fearless Jack? This tale is about a boy who does not have fear or joy in his life. He is numb and is seeking more. At the end of the story, his wife throws a pale of water on him while he sleeps, instantly, the water wakes him with fright, and he is able from his fear comes joy.

What do you think of fear, is it a sign of weakness or inadequacy? Or is fear information for you to be within moments of need? Because fear is the information needed to create action and safety, run, or fight, the danger passes quickly. Fear is exhilarating and energising when we are with it (if we not being eaten by a sabretooth tiger) can soon turn to joy and more significant perspectives about our personal and collective experiences. Why has this awesome experience become soured? Maybe it’s because the amount of low-grade noise that seems so relentless is interfering with the contrast between life and truly fearful events.

The fear of fear has become anxiety, which seems to be creating longstanding unease and internal/extremal discord are overbearing how we experience life. Perhaps, if you had the chance to be scared and feel this energy more often, life may become very different. Maybe then your intuition may start helping you experience the dynamics of your emotional intelligence, intellect and spiritual inspiration.

Your Anxiety Experienced Anew

Here are a few ideas for what you can do when life is getting a bit much. STOP! Stop whatever you’re doing to avoid being with your neurotic-ness and anxiety. Then, breath in your nose and out your mouth. Place your hands on your belly, belly button, or upper chest and continue to breathe.

Stop turning on your phone and checking your apps, stop working late into the night, stop talking. And declare sometimes it seems like nothing works. Now experience the energy around you, while breathing and keeping your hands connected to your body. Stay here as long as you feel safe.

Finally, you must know that nobody ever was able to force resolution or discharge, letting your experience be is all you have to do. We’re living in unstable times, ripe and ready for you to heal and sometimes, like now, we need to discover a bit more before any transform can happen.