Happiness. Umm feels so Good.

Happiness, the search continues and evermore we fall for trite and illusions. All we need is one more quick fix and a bite of the magic happiness apple! Certainly, I’ll say it’s never helped me in the long run, and I would put money on it that you’ve experienced the same. We all know this, or perhaps we forgot. Because happiness is a master unto itself, so are you prepared to wait until it arrives; can you enjoy the suspense without demand? 

In the meantime, let’s talk about some ways to live a life that neither goes looking for happiness or is lost without it. And celebrate the death and the birth of passion, experiences and each other. Below are a few ideas that aren’t new at all, and if you must I suggest reading, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from D, Chopra., for more depth. 

Take time to be alone with nature. What happens when you sit in the sun and feeling the breeze blow through you. Or watching the waves roll in at the beach while families paly and enjoy the sea. For me, Rock Park in Barnstaple is a space where time slows down, and the trees fill me with awe. And if you can slow down enough (because trees communicate slower then we do), you may also hear their wisdom. 

Give your love away. Deepak suggests whoever you meet give them a gift. Your gift could be a compliment, a flower or silent recognition. And be gracious when gifts such as a compliment or smile or given to you. Keep the flow of gift-giving and receiving alive; these actions do make the world a better place. 

Become the observer! Now, this statement is something that is bounded around quite liberally in all kinds of esoteric philosophies and practices. But what the flickery flack does it even mean? Well, perhaps it means to stop and think/feel about the consequences of your actions or nonactions. And maybe in the microseconds or hours that you slow down you doing can change the course of your entire being, which may also mean that actions that are either self-harming or harming others can be averted. 

With this one practice, you may find life is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Your future is waiting for you, and you can adjust the sails and navigate life with compassion. 

  • Your observations create a map for you to steer through life. 

Accepting what is, means melting into your struggles and not changing what needs to be experienced and honoured. Fighting your life circumstances is like dancing in quicksand and as Deepak says, try not to blame anyone or anything for what seems to be happening for you. 

  • What if, you take stock of your life without judgement or desire?
  • What if you meditate on where you’re at? 

Maybe you can meditate without the need to change anything, allowing your body (this includes your educated mind) to be still or run away with the fairies. This type of meditation is an effortless effort and is something that I have been playing with for years.

Think of it like this example. You’re out for a walk and it’s raining, so you scrunch up your face and shoulders and tip your chin downwards to guard against the rain. You’re wet through in moments, and you begin to curse blue murder. Or, maybe because of the rain, you put on a smile, relax your shoulders and dance in the puddles and watch a rainbow come alive. With either, you’ll be home soon, and with a quick change of clothes, your rainy walk is all forgotten. So, like life, the rain is going to come eventually, and we can curse the weather or we can dance in the puddles and look for the rainbows. 

Along the way of contemplation, your unique purpose is being nurtured. You are here, and the world will never be the same without you. There is always room for more, as Jordan Peterson (click here to watch JP’s video about happiness and purpose) said GOD only knows who you’re meant to be, so strive to breath deeper, give more, and bring your unique self to the world. 

What is the highest good you can do in any given moment?

When you do find your purpose, this is not some golden goose that instantaneously, makes life seem so sweet from one moment to the next. No, be ready for the ride of your life, and the most purposeful purposes come with enormous burdens. Stay true to your heart because this is your calling, and nobody else can do what you’ve been summoned for! Remember, along the way, look around, breathe deeply, take it all in, as your journey crosses through the valleys and mountains — each with their character and energies that are rich in depth and diversity. My dear Nan often said, “these moments are all yours and life would not be the same without them”.

Hopefully, when you finally have your rocking chair moment. Will you be able to look back on the true nature of your life and your purpose, what will come from it all – profound satisfaction, happiness or regret?

Remember any joy you receive is a result of the beauty you find in the world and the love that you give away.

Fact, In life, your nerve and spine health matters! Your spine is your lifeline, and the shape, tension, tone and position of your spine, interplay with how you express life. Start connecting with tension in your spine and nerve system, you’ll find your thoughts become very clear and new possibilities can begin to open up for you.