Your Healing Is A Process

Your healing is a process and at the Healthpraxis, we’re frequently asked this question. How long will my recovery be? The answer is not quite straight forward, your healing is a process, not an event, and I don’t know!

Often, I hear this question because the cultural myth is that healing is a destination! The cultural myth teaches you to seek immediate comfort and ease through curing! This often comes at the expense of healing our body-mind in the broadest possible way. 

All your, healing, body awareness, discover, transform, awaken, the whole “human” thing. Isn’t a destination that happens to you or is achieved. It’s a process that goes and grows over time. Everybody’s journey follows a personal course that travels across meaningful hills, valleys and fields.

What if you could arrive at a single destination, what would that look and feel like?

Perhaps arriving at a destination can buy you time and bring you welcome rest from the stress of a particular symptom. However, you’re way more unique and complex than a single definition, disease or destination. So often arriving at a destination, isn’t the end of your healing journey. 

If you view healing as a destination, goals and expectations are set. And maybe all this comes without considering what your symptoms are telling you. 

In fact, more than you realise seeking a destination or event to cure-all can lead to more symptoms. This is known as the “cure-cause-effect.” Which comes from system theory. System theory says that even if short term interference seems positive. Longer-term, various unexpected actions may have now begun, which then divert any natural flow of events. 

So, in healing, consider that your short-term destination and dampening of symptoms has altered your body’s ability to understand and reveal to you what it rightly needs. You are off course, and into deeper waters without the symptom map to guide your healing. 

Think about this. Have you ever had a light go on in your car, ignored it for a while, hoped it would go away, but then you had a big road trip coming up, so you finally went to get it looked at… and discovered that there was a LOT more going on than you thought? That’s really normal when you realise that health is not a destination and that more care and attention is required to get you through this life journey. 

When you choose to embark on or whether your journey starts spontaneously. In healing, your body shifts gears from breakdown towards recovery and then growth. Now, there becomes more available energy… enough to shift beyond “survival” mode and to start assessing what’s actually going on!

Your healing needs no help, just no interference. Learning the process can help develop this trust in your body’s cues and wisdom. First, your body is in the process of Discover – ALL of your parts… now that you can find them… and see what’s working… and what needs work… can share their wisdom and appropriately heal.

After, discover, comes transform. This is when you have recovered enough to see and feel more than your back or neck pain. This is when you have enough energy to make sustainable life changes that take you where you want to be in life.

And this isn’t just hearsay, the evidence is here! In 1997 a retrospective assessment of wellness care delivered with NetworkSpinal showed what it means to embark on a healing journey. The statistics and reports were obtained from 156 NetworkSpinal offices and 2,818 people, showed that the benefits of a wellness journey progressively increases when you are given space and time to heal. 

These people went on a journey that lasted between, 1-3 months to over 3-years. This evidence shows that when you commit to a journey. You can improve your health in the four domains: physical state, mental/emotional state, stress evaluation, life enjoyment.

How are you feeling about how you’re feeling?

Your healing is a lifelong journey, where you reclaim your personal power and appreciate your sacred life. This is when you celebrate the power of a life that attracts what you need to realise your wholeness in body, mind and spirit. 

You’re welcome to join us and further your journey as soon as you’re ready for more!

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