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Refining of your Chiropractic services is always at hand! This year was the eight-Mile High Chiropractic seminar. Not to let the mission spoil due to 2020’s unpredictable course deviations and because of their international attendees. The Mile-High team set up a virtual link for the weekend. So, from the comfort of our Barnstaple home, the Healthpraxis team joined our Chiropractic family in a 3-day live-streamed event from the mile-high state of Colorado, North America. 

Mile High seminars are dedicated to the PRINCIPLES of Chiropractic, and the speakers and attendees are intensely passionate about what they do! Throughout the weekend, generations of Chiropractors wholeheartedly delivered the message and principles. 

Of note, was the honorary Bobby Doscher DC, who received this year’s Mile High Vision! Why? Because Dr Bobby’s, contributions span 60 years, helping children and Chiropractic thru her selfless service is a tremendous gift to the profession and humanity. And Jay Komarek DC 44 years of service and showing no signs of tiredness or lack of enthusiasm for what and how he helps adults, children and horses. 

Below is a brief summary from 8 of 30 of esteemed speakers. There’s so much more to share; and in truth, the joy that was shared is lost in translation. Please read carefully as the messages below are true and straight from above-down-inside-out. 

Mile High 2020 – Part 1 

What better way to kick-off a Chiropractic seminar than with the objectives of Chiropractic. Richelle Knowles DC stated “Our mission is to help people and to lead people into the new thrival. We (Chiropractors and our teams) love all people and want to help people be the best version of themselves. We Love you!” Following this message, Richelle outlined the mission in four simple steps: inform, connect, guide and unite. 

Steve Tullius DC, continued with a message that is well worth sharing. Results are what we expect in Chiropractic! Every day people around the globe credit chiropractic with significant and life-changing results. There’s no shortage of people who need Chiropractic, so let’s get out there and make a difference.  

Now you’re wondering where is the evidence and can my local Chiropractor help me? Take a look through the links below, and find out more! These publications of truthful items, protect and defend the principle and practice that people get well with Chiropractic. 

Australian Spinal Research Foundation 

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research 

Paediatric, Maternal & Family Health 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research 

Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic 

EpiEnergetics Foundation  

Chiropractic Journal of Australia  

Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Paediatrics  

Journal of Chiropractic Humanities 

Next up, Winner of the student speaker prize, Sara Parsons, reminded us about the pain busting effects from Chiropractic. YES, Chiropractic stands out because of its practical objective, to correct nerve interference and oh YES more often than not the correction of nerve interference gets people comfortable with their PAIN or out of PAIN. Pain may be why you start your Chiropractic journey; however, it’s not why you stay and thrive. So as this profession grows, we must recognise how dam good Chiropractic is at helping people transition out of pain and move forward in their lives. 

Chiropractic for children is safe and effective. And when Stuart Warner DC and his wife Theresa Warner DC spoke their message was clear. Our goal as Chiropractors is to permit children to come into adulthood at their optimal state of development, physically, mentally and socially so that they can live and contribute to the world. AND, until they are of the right age, all adults are responsible for the care and nurturing of all young souls. Children can be checked for nerve interference, and they can be adjusted if needed.  

Mile High 2020 – Part 2 

Now with Dr Tamara Macintyre and Dr Monique Andrews, the discussion moved to polyvagal theory. Eloquently they described how stress in this part of your nerve system relates to the tension, tone, position and shape of your spine and life.  

Typically when your Vagus nerve is stressed, you can experience a lack of control, feel trapped, anxious, panicky, overwhelmed, desperate and or withdrawn. Not surprisingly, this plays havoc with your social behaviour and cooperation. Polyvagal stress is also linked with changes in your autonomic (involuntary or unconscious) nervous system.  

Around the world, we are witnessing many people who’re now often showing the above signs and symptoms. And, Chiropractic is well placed to help you move away from spine and nerve system stress, and towards playfulness and health, personally and community-wide. 

In closing, Daniel Knowles DC was able to elucidate the importance of the Chiropractic principles is day and age. Health as always comes from above-down-inside-out, nothing else! This is also the message from the developer of Chiropractic, and it still holds today. As our knowledge of quantum mechanics and dynamical theories combines with the material world knowledge (not that there is any separation and that’s the point), the core tenants remain. 

We the Chiropractic profession mean to help you express your life with loving hearts and hands-on care that honours your innate beauty and wisdom. 

The PRINCIPLES of Chiropractic 

This quote is borrowed from one of the original Chiropractic texts, “The Chiropractor, when he applies the principles upon which the profession is based, is instrumental in the restoration and maintenance of Health. Health, you see IS NOT FROM THE CHIROPRACTOR. Health is a common heritage; it is the NORMAL CONDITION that the body enjoys WHEN COMING FROM THE HAND OF GOD. What the Chiropractor DOES is to help RELEASE the vital energy GIVEN TO THE BODY BY GOD and thus RESTORES and maintains Health.”   

B. J. Palmer, D.C., Ph.C., Ll.D., The Glory of Going On, “EXCERPT FROM ADDRESS BY REV. FARTHER EDWARD P. HOGAN” Volume XXXVII 1961 Page 53-54 

Chiropractic stands out in because of its practical objective, to correct nerve interference. The correction of nerve interference isn’t considered a cure for any particular symptom or disease. It’s only applicable to a person or animal who exhibits nerve interference, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms or disease. You can read more in the book Chiropractic First by T, A, Rondberg. Or call into your local Chiropractor and start your care today. 

Chiropractors and Chiropractic Students, you can register now for next Mile-High 2021 Now is the best time in the world to learn more about our wonderful vocation and how to better serve humanity.