The Season of Discover

Would you like to discover more? Pun’s included, laughter optional! The way your body, behaviour and perceptions work is always vital. All these aspects of life also must coordinate with your spine and nerve system. Getting it, all aligned and working well is called “coherence”, and this can be a great thing to aspire toward and achieve. By knowing the way you experience and live your life, you can effectively change how you get through your life.

In our little corner of Barnstaple, patients and practice members of the Healthpraxis are invited to learn more about this in 2 ways. First, we assist you with, by the hand-only spinal adjustments and secondly through education about the seasons of wellbeing — the seasons of wellbeing paint a real-world view of life. There are four seasons, Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate. Each has distinct energy, rhythm, period and factors that influence your unique inner resources during life’s journey. The seasons can be used to help your growth and can enhance your life. 

The Seasons

How big is your view of healing? Because what is available to you isn’t a fixed image, action or event. After years of research, recorded and reviewed data that comes from real people’s evolution. These seasons can now be used as your map for transformation. By using the verbs discover, transform, awaken and integrate the seasons can be understood as cyclical periods. This means during a season there are specific characteristics just like we have in our world. And just like processes happen in a season, processes and change can happen during the seasons of healing. 

Actually, the four seasons are filled with a range of affairs. You can’t be “in” one all the time because life has more to offer you than that. Instead, your life always has aspects of them all, even if one is showing up BIG time. 

If you want to learn about the season and get its gift it’s all about knowing each season better. At the heart of this is timing, because every life or health situation is a chance for self-knowledge and change. When the timing isn’t considered, you’re more likely to return back to the life that got you where you are now. Remain in the status quo, and maybe seem to experience a de-compensating effect. If the timing is right, you can rise like the phoenix at a new level. Having more competence, depth of emotion and insight, unique access to your inner strength. 

In the west, the approach to medicine is designed to fix or cure you and bring you back to a minimal state of functioning. As western medicine uses more and more lifestyle to assist people in achieving greater levels of health. And then also knowing the season you can make better choices. So even when all you only have the energy for a return to a prior state. You will see that you’re in the season of discovery.

So, when using the season as a metaphor, you can find new ways to get into the processes needed for your growth and development. This might even help you find a reason for your disease, health problem. Maybe this will also help with your daily life. Because as you get better at reading the subtle signs and ways of being in each season, you can better understand what’s going on in and around you. 

Three stages of Discover

In the season of Discover, there are 3-stages. In stage 1 you experience what seems like separateness and suffering. So here you’ll likely ask questions like. Why me? or Why not me? What is wrong with me? Why does this happen to me? Why does this not end? And emotions like, helplessness, loss, despair, peace, and reassurance and common.

Stage 2 in Discover this is full of polarities and rhythms; attachments and projection. Now questions like what is the cause of this? Who was wrong/right? Who can get rid, fix/get rid of this? What is the best or worst? Why did “that person” he/she do this to me? What is the pattern here? Anger, hunger, happiness, identification, energy are typical emotions that now appear.

When stage 3 shows up, you may find yourself stuck in perspective or frustrated. The emotions are now frustration or peaceful waiting. And the questions are, why can’t I make the breakthrough? Why do I keep doing this? Why am I stuck? Why am I so blocked? Why can’t I solve this know?

Together these three stages make up the season of Discover. This is the map and terrain that so many of us will experience many times during life. This part of the map “Discover” more so than the other seasons sometimes shows up, yet it’s unrecognized or ignored for fear of what doing so might bring. 

How can you know where you are, if you don’t know where you are and what is happening?

Quite simply, when you step back for a second or two, become aware, acknowledge, and accept where you’re at and what is happening for you. You can quickly find that you have effortlessly and magically given yourself space, time and love to resonate with the truer energy of your life experience.  

There are more than a few ways to get better at knowing yourself, like writing in a diary. If this is what you’re going to try, then pen to paper is going to be best. Think about it, when you use your muscles to hold the pen you’re actually connecting to the emotional subsystem in your muscles. And the muscles can have a great deal of emotional energy. So, by connecting like this and with time, you’ll start to transfer your body’s tension onto paper. Or outright crush a few pen’s and tear through a few diaries.

With practice, you’ll get better at expressing your untold, alienated and ignored truths. And obviously, you will be the only one to ever read your outpourings, so it’ll be more honest and helpful like this. If this is all too much, do seek help from us, friends, family, or other trusted professionals. More people are waiting to listen, share and care for you than you may give credit. MY FRIEND, YOU GOT THIS.

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