The Season of Transform

Now let’s talk about the sacred season, Transform. Which follows on when you’ve received the wisdom from the Season of Discover. At the end of Discover and Stage-3, you’re frustrated, and you’re hungry to change. There’s nowhere else to go but deliberately forward. 

The Season of Transform

The season of Transform will bring about BIG shifts. In one or all of the four domains of life physically, emotionally, psychosocially, and spiritually. Here you can feel your energy growing. And are better equipped to redirect energy that was being used for defensiveness in your, attitudes, beliefs and body postures. As part of the process, you’ll also notice a change in your awareness of what makes your life tick. Which you can then act on and develop for your personal growth. 

When you’re in the Season of Transform, you’ll find yourself creating structured daily practices. With these new and clear boundaries, you’re set for defining your self-image and your role in life. As this takes places, you’ll likely realise that you’re the one who’s courage and goals are allowing you to take action. 

Right here and now, it’s very likely that you’re about to make a massive breakthrough in self-awareness. With this process going on, you’re not moving away from pain or your circumstances. You know that pain or your circumstances cannot be avoided and you want to take responsibility. You’re moving towards your goals, even in the face of your challenges. In this state, you want to take radical and proactive actions because you’re filled with the energy of life. 

Please, ask yourself this. What is the difference in energy between the Season of Transform and the previous Season of Discover for you? 

Four Stages of Transform

There are four defined stages in Transform. The first is Stage-4 Reclaiming your power and courage. The common questions here are ‘What can I do to never disempower myself again?’ and ‘How can I express more of my courage now?’. The emotions you will feel are inner strength, determination, courage and power. 

Merging with the illusion and merging beyond the wall is Stage-5. Emotions that surface here are curiosity, anticipation, temporary confusion, and a sense of knowing more. Which means you’ll be asking questions like: ‘What else is going on here?’ ‘What is really happening here?’ ‘How can I face this now?’ ‘What is really on the other side?’.

What happens next is Stage-6 Preparation for resolution. You start to feel determination, resolve, flexibility, the excitement of something big and new. This leads you to questions such as ‘What can I do to be really ready?’ ‘How can I better prepare myself?’ ‘What must I do now, next?’.

And once that happens, you’re in Stage-7 Resolution. Now you have questions like ‘How can I resolve this?’ ‘How can I conduct an inventory and express that which is beyond defence?’ And ‘How can I move beyond the need for outdated energy/patterns?’ All of which carry the emotion of excitement, focus, strength, resolution and peace. 

Follow this video and have a go at Stage-4 Beta. How does it feel? Which stage do you need to connect with now? 

Being with it!

Because, when you are really living authentically, effortlessly and magically, you allow the gifts of life to flourish all around you. And that is a vital part of the process you’re being encouraged to know and live with. With any of the four sacred seasons, each stage, and the processes that happen along the way are all vital stepping stones for you. It’s crucial to remember, Transform is not ‘better’ than Discover. Instead, the idea is to be with it, to recognise which season or stage you are experiencing and be with it. 

The Monk, Titch Nhat Hanh, often talks about arriving with every step when walking. This is a reminder to take in all around you. To realise how beautiful life is when you take a moment to look, listen and feel it. Likewise, Donald Epstein (developer of NetworkSpinal and the 4 Sacred Seasons of Healing), encourages the same for you in each season and each of the 12-Stages of Healing. 

What you’re being asked is. Can you recognise what you are experiencing? 

A profound way to light up the energy around you is through, AAA. The three A’s stand for Awareness. To become aware of the energy of your life as it is, experience it as it is; without the hunger to change it, make it go away, or understand it. Within the experience is a beautiful energy and information about the world around you. Acknowledgement, meaning, now you can realise what it means to move away from pain and what you experience. Or when you feel separate from the world, you have a particular experience. When I say “enough of this” something happens. This is the voice of your experience. What is it saying for you? 

Acceptance, this means that sometimes you’re in Stage-1, sometimes you’re in Stage-8; “I have parts that are great, I have parts that suck”. Acceptance also allows you to realise we are all in this together and that we each must have different experiences at different times of our lives. 

“You never want to get out of a stage. You want to get in the stage and feel the magic of it.” Donald Epstein

See you next time when we discuss the sacred season of Awaken and its 5-Stages. 

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