The Season of Awaken

Season’s greetings, ho-ho-ho!!! 😀 Which Season of Healing are you in right now? As the weather changes and seasons come and go, life spirals onwards. Knowing which Season externally and internally, you’re living in creates many opportunities for life and your healing to flourish.  Let’s talk about the Season of Awaken and at the end maybe ask yourself, which Season am I living in?

Just as The Season of Discover evolves into The Season of Transform, there’s more for you to experience. When Transform resolves, your experience changes. Now emptiness happens, and you have a broader sense of knowing. This new awareness is the Season of Awaken. In this Season, your sense of self expands to include other people, the broader meaning and the interconnectedness of life.

If you’ve read through the previous blog posts, then you will recognise that in The Season of Discover, there’s also a sense of ’emptiness’. And you will have noticed there’s a difference. Because in Discover, emptiness feels like a void that you want to move away from/fill. Also, in The Season of Discover, you don’t yet have a well-formed understanding of yourself. This ‘pre-rational’ state is often partnered with suffering, differences (‘you vs. me’ or ‘wrong vs. right’) and frustration. 

The Season of Transform is where you have a ‘rational’, fixed or growing understanding of yourself. You haven’t begun to expand and enjoy relationships with other people. In Transform, the ego-centred actions are accompanied by an uncomfortable void you notice along-side the emptiness. Having an ego helps organise who you are, define what you want/do not want and gets things done. 

Awaken is what happens when you are at peace with your ego. You can call this ‘post-rational’: life pulls you to be inclusive of other people and is met with deep gratitude. The cool part of this Season is that you start to notice that life is about you showing up. It’s about you being authentically you, without the need to be ‘somebody’. This all happens because you’ve finally dropped your defensive strategies and you’ve started entraining with your heart rhythm and the subtle energetics of beauty and love. 

There’s more happening now at the start of this Season. Yes, here in The Season of Awaken, you’re feeling emptiness, gratitude, an openness to possibility, potential in all experiences and gifts life has to offer. 

Five Stages of Awaken

Here’s a short summary of the five stages of Awaken. These are questions you’ll likely be asking yourself; emotions and experiences that go hand in hand with each of the stages.

Stage-8: Emptiness and Connectedness arrive with emotions of peace, stillness, rhythmic connection, gratitude for relationships. Common questions you will be asking yourself are: ‘How can I embrace the space?’ ‘Where is the guiding rhythm?’ ‘How can I hold this space?’ ‘How can I expand in gratitude?’. 

Stage-9: Light & love beyond the form is expressed through gratitude for the love and for the energy of life, joy, passion. With heightened perceptions of joy, gratitude and beauty. Your questions will be: ‘What is the energy/love telling me?’ ‘How can I express more love?’ ‘How can I grow in gratitude?’.

Stage-10: Ascent. Here you’re witnessing life from beyond the soul, and you will find yourself emotional exhilarated, joyful, in awe. You will have abundant gratitude and a sense of oneness. Naturally, you’ll be wondering: ‘What gift has been given to me?’ ‘How can I receive and embody the light I am?’ ‘How can I express my soul and the One love?’.

Stage-11: Descent, also known as Service. ‘How do I give my gifts in joy and gratitude?’ ‘How can I sponsor the sharing of my abundance?’ ‘How can I, even more, create a legacy of love?’. This stage is characterised as being full with gratitude, acceptance of core paradoxes, humour, courage, humility, grace, strength, passion and determination. 

Stage-12: Community. This feels like coming home. You’ve expanded your acceptance for all people as fellow souls. And the thots and questions that arise for you will be: ‘How can I receive others/circumstances as gifts?’ ‘How can we be each other’s medicine?’. Which you will experience as passion, synchronicity, benevolence and gratitude. 

Right Action

If you move through the stages of Awaken, remember the Gift is not ‘getting through a season’. The Gift is getting into a Season, or it’s stages so that you can experience the profound knowledge of life’s energies therein. 

There are very few behaviour and lifestyle-change models that assist people to live in The Season of Awaken. Or who can describe this Season and how it relates to everyday living, as Donny has. Please read carefully through all the Season and remember AAA. As described in The Season of Transform BLOG. Which stage are you in 1-12? And are you willing to truly BE in that stage and experience its powerful influence?

Your Vagus Nerve

Your Vagus nerve is a beautiful branch of the Nerve System; it’s long and connects to the organs such as the heart, lungs and digestive system. It’s called the Vagus nerve because it wonders like a vagrant throughout the thorax. What you may also like to know is that it is all about “resting and digesting” and works best when you’re not in “fight, flight or freeze” aka STRESSED OUT!

If and when YOUR Vagus nerve is stimulated, YOU unleash its superpower. Which is soothing calming, openness, gratitude, and heartfelt. So, here’s a link to the Stage-8 tutorial which in fact can help you massage and activate YOUR Vagus nerve. 

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