No Pain No Gain – Part 1

What would happen if humans felt no pain, of any type? You need sensations and reflexes to keep you safe. Unsurprisingly pain is a colossal topic, and pain is why people get so tied up in knots.

Pain is subjective and is not only a sensation. Because pain is an amalgamation of all your life experiences and is a message for you to stop, look and listen! And since pain is subjective, it can be confusing to understand what the message is.

The solution is simpler than you think.

Before you read much further, know this: if you read these next two small essay and nothing changes, that’s ok. If you’re not inspired to feel and act differently, know that you’re whole and perfect, no matter what happens. And, with or without a change in your life, your life is yours to do with as you please. Yet, the goal here is not that, the goal here is to shine the light on the value of pain and how pain can be just what you need and MORE.

Everybody’s experienced Pain and there are many ways to process it. Like, when you accidentally pick up an oven-hot roasting tin, and your body sends a short sharp burst of information for you to pull away. In this situation, you’ll likely use some fiery language and let the whole of your household know it! 

Your pain isn’t ‘just physical’, it has meaning and there are three essential elements to this narrative.

First is pain as an interruption needed to initiate awareness. Secondly, the acknowledgment of your life as an expression of organised energy. And thirdly, the acceptance that pain has character depending on which energy state you are currently living in. How interesting does that sound? 

Your invitation to change

First let’s talk about pain as an invitation to change. Pain can be described as any uncomfortable circumstance, experience or sensation that arrives to interrupt your daily and habitual life.

Think of pain like a morning alarm that wakes you up. You may like to hit the snooze button and ignore the alarm for just a bit longer. However, eventually you’ll need to act. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it? You need that wakeup call – even if at first you might not understand the message. The interesting and challenging part comes when people seek to manage and control the uncertainty of the painful interruption they’re experiencing.

Think about this example. Your life is going along as per usual, and then a jolt comes along and derails what you’re doing or planning. Then you have a knee jerk reaction to try and manage the disruption. You want a treatment for the disruption. You want life in its usual way.

Pain is an interruption and there’s likely a good reason for you to wake up. As often your wakeup call comes after many unanswered whispers. Now you’re all in and its show time. Your life is telling you there isn’t enough energy and information available to you, to keep living this or that way. It’s a cry for MORE. And you’re now called to create change in your behaviour (way of doing things), perceptions (way you interface with life) and structure (your body and life structures).

That’s what the disruption is calling for. So answer this, why do you want to keep everything the same and restore yourself to that way of being? Do you really want to go back to that way of life?

To make any change, you need more available energy, and when you are in pain it often seems that having more energy to change isn’t possible. Firstly, start with a personal audit of what’s happening for you. Your First Step Personal Audit can help you bridge interruption and waking up. To reorganising your body and life at a new extraordinary level. Because when the call comes round, you must first value your interruption and start listening, even if it’s not something you’re used to doing.

The interruption you experience is an invitation to access your energetic bank account and for you to do an audit and make immediate change!

‘Pain is the invitation to change’ Donald Epstein.

To be continued…