No Pain No Gain – Part 2

Lets continue the journey of no pain and no gain. So that you can get on with living with or through and what your life is calling you for.

Your Energy State

Nobody really knows what energy is, yet we all know its influence. How much attention have you paid to your own energy state? Here’s a good question for you.How much energy do you have available in or around yourself right now? I ask this because knowing about the different energy states and how they are more than just a concept is the way to access it and adapt.

The four energy states: energy-poor, energy neutral, energy-rich and energy super-rich.

Energy-poor is about survival. Here there isn’t enough energy to change, and there is not enough energy to continue. Then there’s energy neutral, at this point there is enough energy to survive and to allow for minor changes. However, if there is too much instability, the likelihood is that you drop down to energy-poor. Everything about energy neutral is just okay.

The issue with energy-poor and energy-neutral is that there isn’t enough energy to keep going the way you’re going. There is too much stability. These holding patterns don’t allow for interruptions. Which is often just the right amount of instability to wake you up and help you arrive at a new place, with new possibilities.

In an energy-rich state there is enough energy to survive. There is enough energy to change, and there is enough energy to make a difference in the world. Energy super-rich is pure rapture, joy, beauty, and love. What could be more fun than that? And what possibilities would you think are available for you here?

Now, right now. Observe. Which of these energy states speaks to you the most?

Think of your body like a tuning fork; This is your moment. Listen to what newness arises within you that you might feel as: sharp, dull, flat, discordant, mellow, jazzy. In these moments, can you allow yourself to know, where is my energy? How are you holding your body so that you do or do not experience life?

This is enough for you to get the gift of an energy state. And to know, this is time for rest, to seek help, to transform or to just be in wonder.

Types of Pain

There are four types of pain. The pain of avoiding suffering, this is energy poor. For energy neutral there’s the pain of not being able to manage your experience and keep everything in place. And/or if this isn’t working for you, it’s the pain of trying to control other people so that everything stays the same. Energy rich pain is the pain of not making enough progress. Or the pain of making too much progress. And when super-energy rich there is the pain of not bringing your gifts to the world or not being able to acknowledge other people’s contributions.

Imagine eating a hearty meal, that tastes so good your excitement about the next bite is more appealing than the food in your mouth. How well is this going to work out in the long run?

The gifts ONLY come when you accept what’s happening for you in the moment. The gift is to be with it. To be with the wisdom of your life and be with it 100%. Be with it like you’re holding a new-born in your arms. No judgment only wonder (and sometimes projectile vomiting and poo!!!). Your ability to be with your call for change is pure love, and that’s the energy that magically and effortlessly enriches life. And that’s the moment when everything is reorganising to a higher order.

‘To remove somebodies’ pain is a spiritual violation’ Donald Epstein.

Ultimately, you and only you can experience your experiences. You may buy yourself some time with the help of medications, or therapies from of others. But ultimately to HEAL YOUR SELF is something only you can do!

Feeling it!

Suppose you’re not ready yet to Feel it. Well, that’s okay because your recognition that you’re not ready for change is enough. For others, now is your opportunity to take in your experience and experience it. As you become more accepting of your life interruptions, energy states and the recognition of each type of pain. Life can become a wonderful gift.

Know this: there’s also a ripple effect happening when you truly live life. Because when your feelings turn into healings, other people heal also. BECAUSE YOU CARE FOR YOUR SELF, other people are also permitted to heal themselves as well.

To be experienced…