Body Temperature and Synergy

Your personal choices are of significant consequence for your metabolic function. Your body temperature can be a good indicator for you. And you can create tremendous synergy in your life with and in your sense of body and feelings, relationships and intimacy, business and finance, and impacting the world. Let’s unravel this exciting conundrum!

After years of studying the symptoms and signs of health, it’s a pleasure to share with you some insight. You’ll be surprised to hear that there are some remarkable ways to get an understanding of how well internal functions are being processed. At The Healthpraxis, Barnstaple, we check body temperature at every appointment. And as Dr R, Peat PhD. makes clear the trends of peoples daily behaviour and overall health are often quite frank when measuring body temperature. If you have any queries about your health, please do consult a professional.

Life is meaningful and sensitive.

You must know that there are consequences in life. Your thoughts, what comes in or out of your mouth. What you put on your skin to clean yourself, what you use to clean your home. Local soil, air and water quality. And so much more.

Have you ever asked yourself: Am I looking after myself well enough? How impactful are my thoughts and actions? Have I eaten enough or too much today? How much polyunsaturated fat (PUFA’s) and chemicals do I consume? Am I getting enough of the essential nutrients I need? Because now is an excellent time to ask yourself such questions!

You can get the answers to many of these questions often quickly and inexpensively. How much laughter and tears are you able to express? How do you look and feel? Or, more objectively, reach for a thermometer and start recording your core body temperature? These elementary factors are often very insightful despite how little attention most of the allopathic community pays them. 

Your Body Temperature

Over a lifetime when you’re exposed to more significant amounts of stress than your energy and adaptive capacity can handle, your body slowly reacts and retreats. Optimal core body temperature is best when it gently hovers around 98.6 F or 37 C. If this is the case for you, it shows your constructive survival values outweigh your destructive survival values and your living in an optimal and adaptive state. Optimal use of your energy helps guide you through the process of adaptation to environmental stressors.

“Keeping your energy efficiency high while reducing stress has long been the goal of many health and wellness seekers.” Dr Ray Peat PhD.

Supposing you read this short note and seriously consider that your energy levels dictate your body temperature, and your body temperature affects your energy levels, then your health and wellbeing are within arms reach. 

You can promote a healthy life and longevity with a considered approach to nutrient intake. By reducing inflammatory agents in and around you. By achieving and optimising your calorific load. Implementing regular sleep habits. With purposeful and playful movement nutrition and by taking care of your nerve system health.

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