The Best Ways To Get Outdoors This Summer

If you feel overwhelmed by life, sometimes just exploring the great outdoors and all that nature has to offer can help you live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. There are many ways we can enjoy the outdoors, whether it is by doing a fun activity, sport, or just taking a stroll and taking in views. Even people who don’t get outside much can become a lover of the outdoors. Sometimes we find that staying inside and secluding ourselves is the perfect way to spend our days on our computers and scrolling through our feeds on our phones. However, there have been issues where consuming social media can negatively affect our overall lives, health, and wellness. 

Here are some of the best ways to get yourself outside this summer. 

Change your work routine 

Don’t let work be the reason you’re not gaining outside time. Try some of these options listed below to change your scenery while at work. 

Work Outdoors 

Nowadays, many people are finding themselves stuck with working inside or remotely at home, still only seeing each other through the computer screen. Instead, try taking your laptop and mobile phone outside and working in areas where you can enjoy nature and inspire yourself. Even going to a local cafe and sitting outside can help you become more attuned with the outdoors, and you will find yourself gaining more energy from the crisp summer air. 

Spend Your Lunch Hour Outside

If you can’t seem to get outdoors for the entire workday and have to go into an office, take your lunch hour and eat outside on a bench or table somewhere. Even sitting in the grass under a shady tree can add that outdoor time to your everyday routine.

Stay active outdoors 

Trying new outdoor activities can involve new active ways to live the healthy lifestyle you want. So consider some of these options to move your exercise routine outside this summer. 


Try doing yoga outside at the local park. Not only does outdoor Yoga help the body, but your mental health as well. By moving your body in a natural environment, you’ll naturally have a better mood throughout your day and expand your endorphins to the fullest. 

 Check your local instructors to see if they offer outside yoga classes. 

Walking or jogging 

If you are trying to get more active, sports and exercises outside offer great ways to experience nature. For example, walking and jogging is an easy and inexpensive way to get active and find nature resourceful to your mind-body. With this activity, you can see your local environment and see how wonderful and abundant life is.. 

You can also add your family to the mix and go on nature walks with your children. Kids love to nature walk and go through the trails and collect fun things. Not only will this help you and your family by experiencing the outdoors, but you’re also spending that quality time with them. 

Hiking the trails and coastal paths

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the most out of your outdoor time. Hiking is the classic way to explore the wilderness and get active. The physical benefits of hiking are endless, but there are many wellness benefits to hiking. Many say that hiking is a holistic experience for them and affects their overall well-being. 


Becoming an active bike rider can be beneficial to many of your health needs, as well as offering views over some of the most beautiful sites. Biking is also an activity that you can invest in and set goals for yourself. Setting goals is an easy way to get you back on track and stay active on your bike. 

Do your indoor hobbies outside 

You can do this with any activity or hobby you like to do, which could include drawing, writing, or photography. Get inspired with whatever art style you’re interested in by the great outdoors. 

Try an outdoor specific hobby 

Here are some hobbies you can try that are specific to the outdoors. 

Bird Watching 

Bird watching can help you connect with nature. This hobby will keep you interested for a long time, considering how many countless types of bird species you can find that always keep it interesting. When doing this, you will pay close attention to nature, and animals in their natural element will help you appreciate nature more. 

Start a garden 

You don’t have to be an expert to create a garden and get more outdoor time. Start by planting a few flowers for beginners and explore the many things you can get when gardening. That could include herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables that can help you, especially if you’re interested in cooking with natural ingredients. You can also include your family to help you with your garden and get them to experience more time outdoors. 

Plan a trip somewhere 

Planning an outdoor trip with friends or family is a great way to experience nature.

Visit a national trust site

There are tons of national trust sites in the UK to visit, and these are great places to really experience nature to the fullest. By visiting a national park, you can experience all of the activities and hobbies listed above and get the most out of nature. 

Go camping 

Camping is always a fun way to get your family to spend time together outdoors. Together, you and your family can get in touch with nature and encounter wildlife, and get away from the bustling streets and lights of your town, and disconnect for a while. 

Getting outside is a timeless gift and the more you play outside the more respect you’ll have for the environment. Enjoy yourself and nature.