Benefiting Students & Living Well

It’s that time of the year again, BACK TO SCHOOL. Chiropractic care can help you feel better and perform better as a student. A healthy body can make a world of difference in your life, especially when you have the common burdens students carry. Whatever age student you are, we know that with the proper health and wellness techniques, you can have the best outcome in life. Students can stay healthy– even when slammed with work! 

Here are some of the ways Chiropractic care can help students with those overload school stressors. 

Heal “Tech Neck” related injuries 

Research shows that looking down at your phone for long periods is equivalent to putting 27 kilograms of weight on your neck. The related neck trauma from looking at phones and tablets can cause what is known as “tech neck.” Whether you are texting with your friends, watching videos, or scrolling through your feed, you may be damaging your inner structure and your habits like prolonged forward neck bending could be related to other pain you may be experiencing in your body. 

That’s why maintaining a regulated visit to your Chiropractic office can help you with tech neck-related injuries you may be experiencing as an active tech-savvy student. However you must also take responsibility and change the way you behave.

Enhance concentration 

Chiropractic care can help your overall health and wellness, including your brain and mind. As you receive NetworkSpinal Chiropractic care, you can improve focus and concentration and help you better manage your time when in class or studying for exams. 

Help your stress awareness

As a student, stress pretty much runs your life, with homework, studying. Regular visits to your Chiropractor help relieve stress by reorganising the tension within your muscles and body, creating more energy and better body function. This action can help soothe the fight or flight response your body has when having stress-induced situations. Stress is an intelligent reaction to overload, act before stress symptoms arise!

Reduce problems caused by extended sitting 

Sitting for long periods day to day makes you at greater risk of more significant health issues. It’s crucial to maintain the proper movement lifestyle for the best spinal health. This comes in part by getting your chiropractic adjustments. Energise your spine, reduce the pressure on your nerves and back, and help relax the tightness of those muscles and other tissues. 

Maintain healthy lifestyle habits 

Habits are often what makes students successful, and learning healthy habits can help you throughout your life. By maintaining a proper schedule and increasing your healthy habits you can set the tone to follow you throughout your entire future. Following up on your Chiropractic care routine is a great way to help you create healthy habits that you will keep.