WHY Include Gratitude In Your Life?

Gratitude is a fabulous healer. Every day you are still here and still thriving. Giving thanks and embracing the feeling of gratitude has many great healing powers in itself that could be incredibly beneficial for all of us this year. Gratitude is considerably associated with helping the human mind recover from trauma – something we have all experienced unusually high levels at least once in our lives.

Consciously giving thanks can be a deeply therapeutic experience. It helps the mind-body focus on the positive rather than the negative. It is a powerful act where we go out of our way to think about the great things happening in our lives, even if there seems to be a lot more darkness than light.

Often when a person practises active and conscious gratitude, they tend to feel better about their lives as a whole. The power of gratitude is profound and assists with feelings of optimism for the future. A grateful attitude can boost energy and focus, helps with sleep patterns. And enables people to feel that they could support their friends and family better. People also remark that they experience fewer symptoms and complications associated with stress. 

Knowing what you appreciate in life means knowing who you are, what matters to you, and what makes each day worthwhile. It reminds us that we can heal, and that will help us in the long term. 

Including gratitude in your daily routine could be as small or big of a commitment as you like. You could choose to keep a journal where you jot your thoughts at the end of the day; you could go for a gratitude walk around your garden or local streets. You could include it in your daily exercise, or you could sit still for a minute a day to think about one thing you are grateful for. It could be from your home to work; it could be while you’re in the bathroom; it could be in your kitchen. There are no rules to giving thanks; there are no strict guidelines. All we need to do is be conscious of it.

Choose to include gratitude in your day, note how it affects you at that moment and beyond. Thank you for reading. We’re grateful to have you here, to be part of the Healthpraxis Wellness Centre.