Life may seem to be in danger of being suffocated by talking and the written word! Rarely are we able to willingly accept what is happening all around us as GENUINE LIFE EXPERIENCES full of meaning. We are overwhelmed by mountains of memes, books, articles, speeches, lectures, and guides. All prepared to tell us what is LIFE and what it is not. What was done by whom and when and why and because of whom and what. We’re distracted by knowledge dissected by crowds of eager surgeons and analysts. And we feel tempted to assume that LIFE is unsure of itself because we think and talk too much about it.

Such a shallow perspective is just that – shallow or superficial.  True, the current state of affairs seems unsatisfactory to almost everyone. Yet, suppose we seek its causes with some care. In that case, we’ll likely find that we are all descendants of a cultural situation unsuited to taking part in LIFE and likely to encourage the ‘wrong’ kinds of thinking about it.

To the author, it seems typical that our experiences and ideas tend to be shared but not deep, or to be profound but not familiar. We have divorced the gift of comprehending things through our senses. Concept is divorced of order, and thought moves among an assortment of hoovered and rarely philosophies. Our eyes have been reduced to instruments that identify and measure; hence we suffer a rareness of PALPABLE EXPERIENCE and an incapacity to discover meaning in what we experience. Naturally, we seem lost in the presence of a mind that deludes our sense, and we seek shelter in the more familiar medium of words, “social media.”

Hopefully, the irony of the medium through which these statements pass will not be lost on you. The wholesome lesson might be the discovery that LIFE is not a mechanical fitting together of elements. Instead, LIFE is the appreciation of meaningful interactions. The encouragement is for all of us to recognise the exhaled kind of living that leads to the creation of GREAT LIVING.

LIFE can be experienced as “playful” because it involves, evolves, and enjoys finding and giving forth MORE LIFE AND MORE MEANING. Life itself and the Beings involved become better and more harmonious instruments to a better quality of life.