You may like to try this pranayama – 3 part exercise. The first secetion starts with relaxation and concentration. Breath in and fill your lungs; hold your breath for as long as comfortable. All the while imagining that the restrained breath is like an energy or a light filling your head with light and fire. After holding the breath as long as you can, then exhale, sending that same light and fire into the upper chest in order to nourish your heart.

In Sanskrit, this breathing practice is called ‘pranayama’, which in one way means, ‘to harness the wind’. But the deeper meaning is ‘to harness the force of life’. Variations of the exercise are common throughout the world.

After you have become adept with the first part of this exercise. Which may take anywhere from a split second to a lifetime, then work with this next part of the experience.

Imagine someone that you feel a very natural and spontaneous love for, in order to evoke that quality. To feel it the instruction is not focus on the person, but on the memory and feeling they bring about in you. As soon as the image of the person comes into your imagination, you’ll start to recognise your inner dialogue: that care you have for them, the love you have for them. These sensations of feeling can now become the object of your concentration; notice the qualities that arise, and how it affects you.

Then, when you have this feeling clearly, in the final part of practice, imagine having that quality for everyone on the planet, a type of universal love. As long as you’re present enjoy the connection you are experiencing.

When a gap appears and you notice the next chain of thoughts coming you now have a choice to make. Stay here and continue the practice, or stop and come back later and start again.

Of course, if you’d like try this practice once or twice a day for 90-days consecutively. Which would be a spectacular effort in anybody’s eye. You will change and before you will have finished the 90-days you’ll already have experienced some noticeable calm arise. Growing your sense of love and compassion both inwardly and outwardly.