You may like to try this pranayama – 3 part exercise. The first secetion starts with relaxation and concentration. Breath in and fill your lungs; hold your breath for as long as comfortable. All the while imagining that the restrained breath is like an energy or a light filling your head with light and fire. … Read more

Painful Symptoms & Your Posture

Your posture is something you need to be careful of. So let’s celebrate “Correct” Posture Month by giving you some information to determine how your posture may be affecting your wellness. By taking steps to understand your posture, you could reduce some of the pains and aches you’re experiencing in your body.  Good posture is … Read more

The Importance of Body Language

While communicating with one another, your body language shows up as non-verbal communication and non-verbal expressions and these gestures have more influence than you would expect. You might not realize it, but how you communicate may actually be more important than what you are saying.  Maybe you have noticed that someone’s behaviour and body language … Read more

Community Benefits & Living

Belonging to a caring, supportive community has many positive benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether it be your neighbourhood groups, faith, or cultural community, the power of a strong support system can enrich your life and give you valuable relationships that can impact your life. Through community, we can overcome even the … Read more

8 Ways Walking May Affect your Health and Wellness

Walking is an excellent habit to pick up well because- it’s easy! You feel free doing it, and there’s nothing really not to like about it. It’s easy on your joints, and there’s no question… IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!  There are many reasons to start walking. It lowers the risk of blood clots, it’s great … Read more

How Touch Can Impact Your Life

It has been noted that mammals (that also means humans just like you and me) benefit hugely from touch. Touching comes in many forms like scratching, rubbing, pulling-pushing, play fighting, combing hair, holding hands, kissing, and cuddling. Group or couple activities that allow for touch create ease and a sense of safety for one and … Read more


Life may seem to be in danger of being suffocated by talking and the written word! Rarely are we able to willingly accept what is happening all around us as GENUINE LIFE EXPERIENCES full of meaning. We are overwhelmed by mountains of memes, books, articles, speeches, lectures, and guides. All prepared to tell us what … Read more

WHY Include Gratitude In Your Life?

Gratitude is a fabulous healer. Every day you are still here and still thriving. Giving thanks and embracing the feeling of gratitude has many great healing powers in itself that could be incredibly beneficial for all of us this year. Gratitude is considerably associated with helping the human mind recover from trauma – something we … Read more