Body Temperature and Synergy

Your personal choices are of significant consequence for your metabolic function. Your body temperature can be a good indicator for you. This also translates into how you create tremendous synergy in your life. With and in your sense of body and feelings, relationships and intimacy, business and finance, and impacting the world. Let’s unravel this … Read more

What is connective tissue and why does it matter?

Let us take a wander through the majestic territory of the human body. There are so many beautiful ways to consider the living human body. Here, you’ll get a glimpse into the realms of connective tissue. In the book, The Web that has no weaver, Kaptchuk states, ‘A part can only be understood in relation … Read more

No Pain No Gain – Part 2

Lets continue the journey of no pain and no gain. So that you can get on with living with or through and what your life is calling you for. Your Energy State Nobody really knows what energy is, yet we all know its influence. How much attention have you paid to your own energy state? … Read more

No Pain No Gain – Part 1

What would happen if humans felt no pain, of any type? You need sensations and reflexes to keep you safe. Unsurprisingly pain is a colossal topic, and pain is why people get so tied up in knots. Pain is subjective and is not only a sensation. Because pain is an amalgamation of all your life experiences … Read more

Life in Motion

Here’s a simple and provoking question for you about motion. What’s better: To shovel out the darkness? Or turn on the light? When all your friends and family need you will you strive to remove the darkness or bring out the light? In the familiar fable, Goldilocks tries everything until it is “just right”!  The same … Read more

Your Mile-High Health – Chiropractic

Refining of your Chiropractic services is always at hand! This year was the eight-Mile High Chiropractic seminar. Not to let the mission spoil due to 2020’s unpredictable course deviations and because of their international attendees. The Mile-High team set up a virtual link for the weekend. So, from the comfort of our Barnstaple home, the … Read more

Your phone or wellness?

It’s your choice to live a life with your head buried in a phone or not! It is up to you to appreciate the gravity of this situation! Know this, your choices today will affect your health today and in the future. Let me share with you why you want to spend much less time with your … Read more

Child Health & Wellness

As a parent, you will seek the best for your child, and no doubt, wonder if your child is as healthy as possible. Several factors determine your child’s overall health: diet, exercise, proper rest, emotional and spiritual support, and a properly functioning nervous system. A significant component of health is the partnership between your child’s … Read more