WHY Include Gratitude In Your Life?

Gratitude is a fabulous healer. Every day you are still here and still thriving. Giving thanks and embracing the feeling of gratitude has many great healing powers in itself that could be incredibly beneficial for all of us this year. Gratitude is considerably associated with helping the human mind recover from trauma – something we … Read more

Benefiting Students & Living Well

It’s that time of the year again, BACK TO SCHOOL. Chiropractic care can help you feel better and perform better as a student. A healthy body can make a world of difference in your life, especially when you have the common burdens students carry. Whatever age student you are, we know that with the proper … Read more

The Curves of YOUR Spine

Spine health and good communication, how does it all link together? Throughout life the curves of your spine develop and show all the twists and turns of your life experience. Just like a tree grows and reaches for the sun, you grow and reach for optimal shape, position and tone. As you’ll have likely seen, … Read more

Arthritis is happening for YOU!

Arthritis is happening for you. Arthritis is what happens with bones, and to be specific, it usually happens at the joints between bones. Fortunately, osteoarthritis or arthrosis is not very painful. Other types of arthritis can be considerably agonising and crippling. Sometimes people use the term ‘rheumatism’ for any joint pain. This is technically correct … Read more

Body Temperature and Synergy

Your personal choices are of significant consequence for your metabolic function. Your body temperature can be a good indicator for you. And you can create tremendous synergy in your life with and in your sense of body and feelings, relationships and intimacy, business and finance, and impacting the world. Let’s unravel this exciting conundrum! After … Read more