The Season of Transform

Now let’s talk about the sacred season, Transform. Which follows on when you’ve received the wisdom from the Season of Discover. At the end of Discover and Stage-3, you’re frustrated, and you’re hungry to change. There’s nowhere else to go but deliberately forward.  The Season of Transform The season of Transform will bring about BIG shifts. … Read more

The Season of Discover

Would you like to discover more? Pun’s included, laughter optional! The way your body, behaviour and perceptions work is always vital. All these aspects of life also must coordinate with your spine and nerve system. Getting it, all aligned and working well is called “coherence”, and this can be a great thing to aspire toward and … Read more

Your Mile-High Health

Refining of your Chiropractic services is always at hand! This year was the eight-Mile High Chiropractic seminar. Not to let the mission spoil due to 2020’s unpredictable course deviations and because of their international attendees. The Mile-High team set up a virtual link for the weekend. So, from the comfort of our Barnstaple home, the … Read more

Your Healing Is A Process

Here at the Healthpraxis Barnstaple, we’re frequently asked this question. How long will my recovery be? The answer is not quite straight forward, your healing is a process, not an event, and I don’t know! Often, I hear this question because the cultural myth is that healing is a destination! The cultural myth teaches you to … Read more

Emotions & Your Alchemy

Emotions and your alchemy is a process that can happen can happen for you when you listen attentively to your internal flow of emotional energy-information.  Today’s culture is hypermasculine and critical of emotions. This headstrong departure form using feelings as a guide has led humanity up a one-way street. And now all too often, life … Read more

Social Wellness in 2020

Social Wellness is alive and kicking in 2020, let’s keep moving to towards having more of what we do want.  The storminess of 2020 and its changes may not have ended, so we need to be patient and compassionate. If you’re anything like me there has been a few tears and temper tantrums along the … Read more

Your perception of health

Your perception of health and is vital and is a valid and reliable tool for the measurement of your health. When you seek wholeness and why you seek more in life is very important. Like Dr, Donald Epstein said, “What causes pain for all of us, for everyone in the human experience is the gap … Read more