8 Ways Walking May Affect your Health and Wellness

Walking is an excellent habit to pick up well because- it’s easy! You feel free doing it, and there’s nothing really not to like about it. It’s easy on your joints, and there’s no question… IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!  There are many reasons to start walking. It lowers the risk of blood clots, it’s great … Read more

Life in Motion

Here’s a simple and provoking question for you about motion. What’s better: To shovel out the darkness? Or turn on the light? When all your friends and family need you will you strive to remove the darkness or bring out the light? In the familiar fable, Goldilocks tries everything until it is “just right”!  The same … Read more

Emotions & Your Alchemy

Emotions and your alchemy is a process that can happen can happen for you when you listen attentively to your internal flow of emotional energy-information.  Today’s culture is hypermasculine and critical of emotions. This headstrong departure form using feelings as a guide has led humanity up a one-way street. And now all too often, life … Read more

Your perception of health

Your perception of health and is vital and is a valid and reliable tool for the measurement of your health. When you seek wholeness and why you seek more in life is very important. Like Dr, Donald Epstein said, “What causes pain for all of us, for everyone in the human experience is the gap … Read more

Know Your Innate Life!

Innate intelligence is the internal organising agent of all life. A rock has it, water has it, bees have it, trees have it, you have it!Innate intelligence is the internal organising agent of all life. Rock has it, and water has it, bees have it, trees have it, you have it! Check this out; a … Read more

Life: Entirely, in its Integrity

B J Palmer wrote in collaboration with Dr Craven: “There is life; therefore, there must be a source of life”. Would you deny the existence of space, air, or love? None of which you have any substantial material evidence. With your common sense, surely you will know without a doubt that all life is connected. … Read more

Your phone or wellness?

It’s your choice to live a life with your head buried in a phone or not! It really is up to you to appreciate the gravity of this situation. Know this your choices today will affect your health and life today and in the future. Let me share with you why you want to spend much less … Read more

Stress Reactions

Stress accounts for up to 90% of all illnesses: heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and immunodeficiency. When you are stressed, the release of stress hormones (e.g., cortisol and estrogen) slows down the immune behaviour to conserve the body’s energy for fight or flight. Which in prehistoric times would be used for running away from the … Read more