The Importance of Body Language

While communicating with one another, your body language shows up as non-verbal communication and non-verbal expressions and these gestures have more influence than you would expect. You might not realize it, but how you communicate may actually be more important than what you are saying.  Maybe you have noticed that someone’s behaviour and body language … Read more

Your Debt or Profit in Health

When you make profitable deposits into your “health account” you are able to make withdrawals as you need them. If you make deposits (good nutrition, exercise, proper rest, chiropractic adjustments, etc.), then also at times you can afford withdrawals (neglect, stress, pepperoni pizza, overdoing it, etc.) Like your bank account, if you make more withdrawals … Read more

Child Health & Wellness

As a parent, you will seek the best for your child, and no doubt, wonder if your child is as healthy as possible. Several factors determine your child’s overall health: diet, exercise, proper rest, emotional and spiritual support, and a properly functioning nervous system. A significant component of health is the partnership between your child’s … Read more

Nerve System

A defining feature of the Healthpraxis is that we considered your nerve system: brain, spinal cord, and nerves, is the master coordinator of your body’s function. The nerve system coordinates all information of organ and bodily functions. Nowadays, the average person is immersed in media for 9 hours and 40 minutes per day and may … Read more

Joint Arthritis

Often, I ask my patients what do you think is the cause of joint arthritis? Let’s examine this a little further. In Chiropractic, there is a relevant term that we use called “Vertebral Subluxation”. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, the Vertebral Subluxation in part represents changes in the way a joint/s of the spine … Read more


Spirit, Energy, and Structure are interdependent this is coherence. We are whole because of this. I want to describe life from the practitioner’s vantage point and then magnify the details of hands on spinal care.  I have chosen to describe this journey of discovery relating to healing and the underlying field of influence seen in … Read more