Body Temperature and Synergy

Your personal choices are of significant consequence for your metabolic function. Your body temperature can be a good indicator for you. And you can create tremendous synergy in your life with and in your sense of body and feelings, relationships and intimacy, business and finance, and impacting the world. Let’s unravel this exciting conundrum! After … Read more

5 Brain Health Tips

Your brain governs literally everything you do. Well, at least we hope so! Some of us tend to get a little stressed out with the hustle and political-media confusion. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your “noodle” through this time and moving forward! Sleep. Sleep deprivation has been associated with all kinds … Read more

Your Debt or Profit in Health

When you make deposits into your “health account” you are able to make withdrawals as you need them. If you make deposits (good nutrition, exercise, proper rest, chiropractic adjustments, etc.), then also at times you can afford withdrawals (neglect, stress, pepperoni pizza, overdoing it, etc.) Like your bank account, if you make more withdrawals than … Read more

The Season of Awaken

Season’s greetings, ho-ho-ho!!! 😀 Which Season of Healing are you in right now? As the weather changes and seasons come and go, life spirals onwards. Knowing which Season externally and internally, you’re living in creates many opportunities for life and your healing to flourish.  Let’s talk about the Season of Awaken and at the end … Read more

Social Wellness in 2020

Social Wellness is alive and kicking in 2020, let’s keep moving to towards having more of what we do want.  The storminess of 2020 and its changes may not have ended, so we need to be patient and compassionate. If you’re anything like me there has been a few tears and temper tantrums along the … Read more