Nina Martin, Doctor of Chiropractic

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About me

Today, natural health care is an integral part of my life. I also love getting into the Ocean and enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors!

My childhood featured Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, mainly natural remedies and massage. As I went through school, I drifted away from therapeutic care. At the age of 15, I began suffering from pelvic pain. Two years later, I went to see a McTimoney Chiropractor. 

The care I received helped relieve the pain and helped me understand what was happening in my body. And there was more! The headaches that I was having for years subsided too. I was intrigued and inspired! My passion for helping people was sparked. 

In 2010, I qualified in Swedish massage and then began the 4-year Master’s Degree at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Abingdon (Oxfordshire), graduating in 2014.

Since 2015 I have been in practice in North Devon and attend regular seminars to bring you the best care I can. I have developed my skills further by learning Neuro-Impulse Protocol (NIP), a technique using biomechanical and neurological assessment of your body. Or more simply put, for the interesting problems that can arise between the brain and body.

What to expect

The Chiropractic care I provide is relatively gentle and tailored to you as an individual. The adjustments are performed by hand, with the spine in its natural position: making them comfortable and effective.

We will work together to achieve clear pathways for communication within and a deeper understanding of the workings of YOUR body. This cultivates a more harmonious internal environment allowing recovery and tissue healing.

I believe that people of all ages can benefit from Chiropractic Care. Please contact me: 07449 870684 if you would like to book a free conversation to discuss how I can help you.

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Peter, R

Nina Martin was originally recommended to me by a friend. She has treated me most successfully helping me repair injuries caused by wear and tear, hiking in Africa and extreme “sports” injuries including a “slipped” disc. I am happy to recommend her professional and respectful care, diagnosis and treatment.

Beth, J

Nina is a fantastic chiropractor. She talks you through the whole process and always manages to hone into whatever the problem may be. I always feel amazing after seeing her and she’s helped me so much over the last few years with all sorts of issues. Not only does she help with pain and misalignment issues but also looks into dietary and environmental aspects too – often things we forget to take into account.
Highly recommended.

Dave, W

Nina Martin has been keeping me healthier and mobile for a few years now. I now have a maintenance plan – a regular 10,000 mile service! – and it’s well worth doing, it sorts out issues before they become problems. I’d be very happy to recommend her to anyone.

Vikki, C

Nina Martin is highly recommended by myself and my husband says the same. Nina has worked with me for a while now on a very bad back issue I couldn’t walk without crutches on my first visit now walk freely.. and now on a new problem she is a wonderful helpful professional and always on hand for advice when I’ve needed it. Can’t thank her enough 100% recommend.