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Network Spinal is a refined Chiropractic approach that helps people upgrade and improve their life. Would you like to FEEL more?

Physical Wellbeing
Improve your flexibility
Gain more energy
Feel less fatigue
Have less pain
Lessen stress related to

Increased emotional and psychological wellbeing
Less depression
Less moodiness and anger
Improved focus
Life enjoyment
More relaxed
More confident dealing with life challenges
More compassion for self and others
Healthy lifestyle changes
A decrease in the use of prescription medications
Increased exercise, meditation and prayer
Easier to make dietary changes
Quality of life
Overall contentment
Ability to adapt to change
Satisfaction within relationships

You can continue receiving the benefits of feeling energetic, healthy and peaceful long after your out of pain.

Network Spinal is a refined Chiropractic approach that helps people upgrade and improve their life. Would you like to FEEL more?

YOUR care is driven by YOUR practitioner’s desire for clinical excellence and a need to reach for outcomes beyond expectations. NetworkSpinal has 2 key features. Number 1, is healing experienced through hands on spine care. The 2nd is an education in which the practice member gets to understand, through direct experience, the energetics of healing and each of the healing (organising) intelligences.

NetworkSpinal comes from EpiEnergetics (through the EpiEnergetics Institute). Developed by Dr. Donny Epstein, this is the evolution of the hopes and dreams of Dr. Donny and all the NetworkSpinal practitioners. Over the last 3 decades, millions of lives around the globe have been touched by NetworkSpinal. Our profound, radical, scientifically researched strategies and systems bring rapid transformation to seekers of all backgrounds.

Tap this link to view a map of NetworkSpinal practitioners all over the world. Would you like to be part of this world changing movement?

We want you to better able to be aware of and more able to acknowledge and articulate this awareness of healing. Also, this leads to more acceptance of the responsibility of one’s self-empowered role in health, energy coherence, and how your own experience impacts other people.

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