Chiropractic is a system of care that recognises each person’s uniqueness and your ability to heal from within.

At The Healthpraxis, Chiropractic is represented by highly trained and GCC registered Chiropractor. People who come to see our Chiropractor, James Maufe, most often hear about us from a friend. Our clients typically have tried other forms of care first. Yet, underlying, unresolved spine and nerve system tension remains and requires additional care and attention.

Our goal is to help you restore balance within your body as you strive towards achieving your life goals.

General Chiropractic Council - I’m Registered
UCA - United Chiropractic Association

Email: or Phone: 01795 360123

People who come to see us for Chiropractic, often come here as a referral from a friend, another Chiropractor, or medical practitioner in the area. Our clients typically have underlying, unresolved neurological pressure that needs some care and attention. On starting care, we will work to help you create the very best opportunity to adapt to your life, overcome these problems, and strive for more.